Park Tool PCS-10.3 Deluxe Home Mechanic Repair Stand [Rider Review]

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For those who are their own mechanics and prefer to work on their own stuff, it is arguably very crucial to have a repair stand. Park Tool has those at home mechanics' backs by offering multiple different repair stands. Our customer has been wrenching with the PCS-10.3. See what they think!

Park Tool Stand 10.3


I bought the park tool 10.3 bike stand and work tray which replaced my old Feedback sports bike stand. The customer service and speedy shipping at worldwide cyclery is insanely good. I reached out and asked a couple of questions beforehand and they gave me a ton of time on the phone and answered everything politely and without passing judgment since my questions seemed simple and probably very common knowledge to them.

The bike stand has a nice angle to it which allows for a heavier bike to be held (up to 80lbs I believe) and stays out of the way so you can pedal and check your drivetrain without hitting the upright. The clamp is a little finicky to get set at first but once you do it is so quick and easy. The way the clamp spins to tighten makes it so incredibly easy to get the perfect tension that you desire for any bike weather that’s carbon or aluminum. The height of it is perfect and when loaded with your bike it does not wobble at all. Even when removing Bottom Bracket or Cranks which require a lot of torque, the stand is solid as a rock.

Assembling the stand was a breeze and even without any mechanical knowledge it is very easy. The instructions come with pictures and well written words to get it all out together. The bike tray (sold separately for the larger one) is well worth the $40. It is big and can hold a towel attachment on the side of it. The open area holds all of the tools you need for any service you’re doing. I performed a bottom bracket replacement and a crank replacement and that tray held everything I needed including grease and towels. I tossed my buddies E-bike up there (specialized turbo Levo) and it held it with ease. I then tossed my sons commencal 16” bike on it for a quick tune up and that was simple as well.

The addition of the button on the bottom legs is nice as other users stated the old version would collapse under weight. When collapsing it for storage the bottom is easy to push and does not pinch your fingers. Once you get the legs folded up it has a small footprint and can easily be stored behind a garage door or corner to be out of the way.

So far with the blue powder coating I have not noticed any chipping or rubbing off like some commenters have stated. But if it does, it won’t bother me because it will not mess with the durability or function of the stand but is just a little bit of OCD for some folks I’m sure.

Final Thoughts

All in all I absolutely love this stand and love shopping at world wide cyclery. It’s cool knowing that I am supporting riders who are passionate about giving back and supporting the community rather than just taking a payday off of product or inflating prices to fill their pockets with cash. The folks here seem to be honest and fair and I will continue to give them my business.

Park Tool Stand 10.3

September 21, 2023

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