SDG Bel-Air V3 Saddle: Employee Review

Words by: Reamonn Ryan

Finding the right saddle seems almost impossible. After a while, you kind of just get used to riding whatever it is that came on your bike but that doesn’t always mean you are sitting on something that you should be. Everyone has a different body shape, our bones sit differently, and accepting an uncomfortable contact spot shouldn’t be the way to go.

SDH Bel-Air V3 Saddle Review

SDG has been around for a while making some of the industries more notorious saddles not only under the name of SDG but for many other reputable companies throughout the industry. The Bel-Air saddle has been a staple in mountain biking since before people like myself even started riding bikes. From their unique designs to being equipped on bikes riding Rampage, the Bel-Air has made its way through a ton of MTB history. Well, SDG Components recently decided to release the all new V3 version of the Bel-Air saddle to offer something built to withstand the harsh riding conditions of modern mountain biking.

Since everyone is different, it is hard to review and recommend a saddle. The first step to finding the correct saddle for you is to measure you sit-bones and determine what width saddle will properly work for your body type before spending any money.

SDH Bel-Air V3 Saddle Review






COLORS: Black, Orange, Red, Turquoise, Purple, Green, Tan

 SDG Bel-Air V3 Review

My Impressions:

This saddle is comfy! At first glance, some might think the saddle is very thin but at the end of the day it’s not the thickness that leads to comfort, it’s the shape. The tail of the saddle features a slight raise to really hold onto your bum. The channel running down the center of the saddle is just deep enough to relieve any pressure I usually feel on other saddles that often lead to some numbness in my man goods. Being able to complete a climb without my manhood going numb was a relief in itself.

SDH Bel-Air V3 Saddle Review


“I often find myself recommending almost any product I review because of how stoked I get on the part but to recommend the Bel-Air is as genuine as I can be. The extremely comfortable shape, taint relief, slim profile, and awesome color options make this a must have in my book.” - Reamonn

SDG Bel-Air V3 Review

Reamonn Ryan About The Rider

This article was written / authored by Reamonn Ryan. Reamonn has worked in the bicycle industry for 6 years now and currently runs our Instagram account along with testing products, editing video content, and writing blogs like this one you just read. Reamonn was a die hard BMX kid for over 10 years and once he started at Worldwide Cyclery made the switch to mountain bikes where he can send stuff better than most guys at the shop. If you like any of our Instagram posts or have gotten any responses from your DM's it was most likely from Reamonn, so give him a thanks. As with all of our employees, Reamonn is a key part of making Worldwide Cyclery the "Best Damn Bike Shop in the World".

September 25, 2020

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