Park Tool TW-5.2 Torque Wrench: Rider Review

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Having the right tools is important anytime you are looking to get your hands dirty. They make working on your bike easier. In the case of a torque wrench, it ensures everything is tightened properly so parts don't come loose or get damaged. Read on to learn about the Park Tool TW-5.2 and how it is an important tool for any mechanic.


It is recommended to have a torque wrench at home or in your bicycle workshop as it is the ideal tool for caring for delicate parts. It is a precise wrench, which helps a lot in the home for the care of carbon parts, it is a worthwhile investment, although it is not a cheap wrench and does not come with the drill bit set. I recommend buying Park Tool SBS-1.2 18 Piece Socket & Bit Set to have all of the indicated precision tools.


I had the opportunity to test several torque wrenches and the conclusion is that many times I chose cheap brands and my carbon parts suffered a lot. particularly with this product, I bought it before and after a few months the first product failed and thanks to the product guarantee it was replaced by a new one. Thanks to the Worldwide Cyclery team, this is the advantage of buying fine tools with an excellent warranty. Having a torque wrench at home gives you the option of being able to install and do simple maintenance, always taking care of your bicycle parts.

Park Tool TW-5.2

In Use:

The range is incredible since it is compatible with newtons from 2 to 14nm, which gives a very wide range to make it useful in different parts. I really like the weight and finishes of this tool, if you are looking for a torque wrench then you are not wrong to buy the amazing Park Tool TW-5.2 3/8 "3/8" ratchet torque wrench, range 2-14 Nm

Final Thoughts:

You'll never regret spending the money on a great quality torque wrench. If you do your own setups, especially anything to do with seat post, handlebar, stem, you can buy this.

Park Tool TW-5.2

September 24, 2020

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