Maxxis Aggressor Tire Review: Is This Your Next Tire? [Video]



The Maxxis Aggressor tire is one worth looking at, blending the gap between the typical trail tire and the heavy duty all mountain or DH tire. With medium-sized knobs, square leading edges, and a dual rubber compound, the Aggressor has all the bases covered. It’s offered in a 2.3 width for all tire sizes, 26, 27.5, and 29, and can be purchased with the EXO casing protection or the heavy, almost downhill bike worthy DD casing. With how many configurations there are, there will undoubtedly be an option to fit your bike, riding style and terrain. Two-time EWS champion Richie Rude even rode this tire in the rear to victories and titles, so you should be able to get that KOM you have been chasing! :)

Maxxis Aggressor Tire Review

First Impressions

Just like most other Maxxis tires, mounting the Aggressor on just about any rim is made simple, using either an air compressor at the shop or a portable tubeless pump. Installation never left me slurring words in frustration. Once installed the Aggressor has a great shape and is true to its claimed width on my 30mm internal DT Swiss rims. The side support knobs are good sized, slightly smaller than the Minion but larger than the Ardent. The first rides on the typical dry and loose SoCal conditions were great on the Aggressor. They felt comfortable right away, offering predictable slides with plenty of grip for climbing, cornering, and braking. Compared to the Minion DHR II I had mounted in the rear, the Aggressor rolls much faster while still providing copious amounts of traction. The Aggressor was looking to be a solid rear tire right away. 

Maxxis Aggressor Tire Review


Once we got some rain, I was excited to try the tire in some different conditions. The first day I went out I rode some backcountry trails and roads that offered a range of different dirt. Most of the dirt drained well and was great, tacky and made the tire feel amazing! Hero dirt and this tire make for some awesome corners and insane confidence. There were a few spots that were more of an issue when the tire got packed with mud. I noticed that the tire did not shed mud as efficiently as the Minion DHF on the front or the DHR II on the rear. Other than the packing of mud in the “cake” areas of dirt, the tire performed great. With over 500 miles on the tire and riding in a variety of trail conditions not once did I get a cut or puncture.

Maxxis Aggressor Tire Review

Final Thoughts

Looking for a great all-around 3 season tire? Try the Aggressor on the rear. I’m impressed and will put on another one after my current Aggressor wears a little more. I would say the EXO version I’m running has proven to be enough protection for me. In my opinion, I'd run the Aggressor for the hero dirt and dry conditions. Fast, confident and reliable, the Aggressor has lived up to its expectations of the new standard in enduro tires!

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April 16, 2018

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