Industry Nine No-Clog Aluminum Tubeless Valve Stems: Rider Review

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Of course, there are some pretty big purchases you can make for your bike that'll have a big impact on your ride. There are also some very small things that can affect your riding experience in a positive or negative way. Our friend Michael shares his experience on the Industry Nine No-clog Aluminum Tubeless Valve Stems. Check it out!

Industry Nine No-Clog Aluminum Tubeless Valve Stems Rider Review


It was an amazing day in Japan. I was building up a new bike and building my own wheels. Hubs - Check. Spokes - Check. Brass Nipples - Check. Rim - Check. Rim Tape - Check, Stans Sealant - Check. Tires - Check. Time to get to the building. Hope/DtSwiss/WTB/Maxxis - this was going to be a great set up on my kick-ass Vassago. I have my tools ready, an adult beverage of choice, and kid-friendly music on (5yo and 2yo daughters, I get away with Parliament-Funkadelic - don't judge). I start with a three cross pattern up front and things are going perfect. Slap it in the truing stand and make final tweaks. Set to the side and I refill my frosty daddy juice cup and continue to build the rear. The rear is also coming together as well as expected. However, with some distraction, I build a hop right into the wheel. WTF, a pure egg! So detention and retention and get things sorted. Sadly I run out of time and have to tend to daddy duties.

Industry Nine No-Clog Aluminum Tubeless Valve Stems Rider Review
Day 2 of build - I get home from work ready to get these wheels done. I quickly unpackage the Maxxis Rekons. I grab the Stans Sealant, fire up the air compressor, and start taping the rim. Then I have the "oh shucks" moment (don't forget - I am a girl dad and that is the language I choose to use). How the heck and I suppose to air these things up??? Kinda like how Hans Gruber was executing his plan at the Nakatomi Corporation building and unexpectedly there is John McClane trying to reconcile with his estranged wife. Thanks to WorldWideCyclery, one of their 'trained monkeys' had suggested some Industry Nine No-Clog Aluminum Tubeless Valve Stems. I had a weak moment and impulse bought these lightweight and attractive valves. Did I need them at the time? Nope, I had a set of Stans Brass valve stems that I have used in several builds without issues. So there they sat... being pretty in my toolbox cast to the side and more or less forgotten just like John McClane. Although when I truly needed them, there they were.

Industry Nine No-Clog Aluminum Tubeless Valve Stems Rider Review
I grabbed the Industry Nine valve stems and popped them through the tape. Put the tires on, added sealant and air.... pop, pop, pop - the tires were up on the bead and good to go. After the rest of the bike was build and the wheels went on I took them out on a test run. The wheels sealed to perfections. Not only was the tape job amazing with no leaks. the tires did their job. But most importantly there was no air working its way past the seal of the valves. This has not been my experience when I venture away from Stans valves, so this was the only concern I had when I purchased the valve stems.

Final Thoughts

After several weeks, these wheels hold air perfect. No noticeable loss of pressure and no issues on the trails with the valves getting smacked around a little with underbrush and sticks. I would definitely purchase them again.

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May 09, 2020

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