WTB Volt Saddle: Rider Review

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Our friends over at WTB have been in the saddle game for a while now. The quality and comfort they provide are seriously impressive. Not only that, but their tires and wheels are great too! In this review, our customer Mark shares his thoughts on the WTB Volt saddle. Enjoy!

WTB Volt Rider Review


I recently built a bike from scratch and spent quite a bit of time researching and picking out each part. When it came to the saddle, I was looking for a nice balance between weight, comfort/function, appearance, and of course cost. The WTB Volt hits it out of the park in all of these categories. 

On-Trail Performance

According to my scale, it weighs 282 grams (I bought the narrow version). That's pretty light. I won't name names, but I noticed some other saddles that cost north of $100 and weighed more than the WTB. You can spend 5X more and only shave off 30 g.

WTB Volt Saddle Rider Review

I've gone on some 10-15 mile rides in the mountains with the Volt and really haven't noticed it at all, which I guess is what you look for in a seat. It also seems unusually long to me, which is nice when climbing because you can slide to the back of the saddle and really pedal hard.

Final Thoughts

In terms of appearance, it has a very sleek, clean look that I love. I paired the Volt with a Whisky No. 7 post and it ended up looking really nice together, with the subtle gray color in the seat nicely complementing the gray Whisky logo. Finally, it's about $35 which is a tremendous value given the quality of this saddle. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

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May 10, 2020

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