Industry Nine

Industry Nine Mountain and Road Wheelsets - Worldwide Cyclery
If Industry Nine doesn't come to mind the second you think of high-end, flashy, fully customizable cycling wheels, then chances are you are not a cyclist. It's OK! We've all been there champ. We have an incredibly useful video on the new Hydra and 101 hubs and a ton of blogs ranging from various product reviews, servicing tips, and what makes Industry Nine so much better than the competition. BUT. We do warn you that once you equip these incredibly smooth-rolling, almost instantly engaging wheels with a 690 POE driving mechanism, to your bike, you will be entering a place you can never leave... From trail bikes to enduro bikes, downhill bikes, road bikes, and even fat bikes, I9 makes just about anything you would need. If you don't see what you are looking for, want to know more about Industry 9, or need help finding that perfect wheelset, shoot us a call 1-805-375-4525. Take a look at the Enduro 305 or Trail 270 Wheelsets if you are looking for the best hoops a mountain bike can roll on!