Guest Blog | DVO Diamond Fork Review (Something New = Better?)

The author of this blog is a local customer of ours, Larry L. out of Southern California who has logged a solid amount of riding time on the DVO Diamond fork around the local trails in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County as well as the epic MTB destination that is Sedona, Arizona. Having experience riding on numerous different forks and a great technical knowledge, Larry provided solid input that should be beneficial to any rider who is interested in upgrading their fork. Check it out!

"Over the past month and a half, I’ve had the chance to ride and enjoy the DVO Diamond fork thanks to the incredible staff at Worldwide Cyclery. During that time I was able to take it to the chunky, technical rock gardens of Santa Barbara, the red dirt of Sedona, and all over the ruts and dust that my local SoCal trails have to offer.

DVO Diamond Fork Review - Worldwide Cyclery

Before I go into any detail or comparison, I just want to say thanks again to the guys at Worldwide for lending the demo fork and for being such an informed resource with all things mountain biking. These guys are riders and want to help you enjoy the trail ahead that much more.

DVO Diamond Fork - Worldwide Cyclery

This fork has been on my list of products to check out when I could, as I know DVO’s reputation of making solid suspension products. And as a SoCal resident, who doesn’t like to support locally?  From initial impressions to end performance the DVO Diamond is an impressive damper.

First off, this is a great looking piece. The one I rode came in all black with black graphics and lime green anodized small parts. The subdued paint and graphics and impeccable fit and finish lend very much to the idea that this thing means business. I like external adjustability and initial setup was a breeze and pretty spot on for my liking following the manual’s suggestions for rider weight.

DVO Diamond Fork - Worldwide Cyclery

Once on some familiar trails, I made a few tweaks but felt very comfortable and confident right from the start. I currently own a BOS Deville 160 and Rockshox Pike RCT3 solo 150. The DVO and the Deville compare well with the way they go into their initial travel. Gobs of traction and small bump sensitivity without blowing into the midrange or lacking pedaling support. The Pike has great small bump sensitivity; however, the BOS and DVO seem to always find traction no matter the trail chatter or terrain.

DVO Diamond Fork - Worldwide Cyclery

The DVO always felt very controlled. Not in a bad, the over dampened way, but that it was taking anything I threw at it and ready for more. Midrange support is excellent and on successive large square edges that caused the fork to go deep in its travel, it always recovered very well lending to its “bottomless” feel. All three forks perform really well in this area, however, the DVO seems to combine the support of the Pike that I like so much with the plushness of the Deville at speed. My BOS performs best when really pushing into it and going pretty hard whereas the Pike and Diamond feel great at any speed.

DVO Diamond Fork Review - Worldwide Cyclery

Finally, the handlebar input to the DVO was very precise and direct. It never felt squirmy or lost when my front wheel found a rut or when trying to hold a line through a rock garden. The performance was consistent with zero issues. I never wished for more out on the trail. The DVO more than keeps up with the bigger names in suspension and does not disappoint. Now get on your bikes and ride!!!

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July 26, 2016

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