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Whether you are trying to outfit a professional bike shop, or just need a few tools for the home work bench, Park Tool covers it all!

In 1956, Howard Hawkins and Art Engstrom opened a Schwinn bike shop on the east side of St. Paul, Minnesota.  It was in the back of this shop that Howard and Art created the first bike repair stand. As word got out that this repair stand made bicycle repair much more efficient, Howard and Art refined a production model and Park Tool was born! Now over 50 years later, the Park Tool world headquarters is still located in St. Paul Minnesota, home of their engineering, design, manufacturing, and assembly teams.

Park Tool remains the industry leader in bicycle tools with an American made product that consumers can trust and enjoy working with.

Here we have highlighted some of our favorite Park Tools to keep your bike running smoothly.

Park Tool PRS-4.2-2 Bench Mount Stand with 100-3D Clamp

Being able to work on your bike in a sturdy hard mounted stand makes cleaning, maintaining and repairing your bike much easier. With this bench mount style stand, you can turn your garage work bench into an efficient repair station.

  • Overhaul your work bench with professional quality stand
  • 360 degrees of rotation
  • Chrome plated finish built to last
  • 3 position adjustable clamping height
  • 100-3D adjustable seatpost clamp

Park Tool PR S 4.2-2 Bench Mount Stand with 100-3D Clamp

Park Tool INF-2 Shop Inflator Air Compressor Head

Now a days, most all high end mountain bikes can be set up to use tubeless tires. The Park Tool shop inflator makes setting up your tubeless tires an easy task with an accurate gauge.

  • True Presta and Schrader compatibility with adjustable head
  • 0-160 psi accurate gauge
  • Lightweight high flow aluminum body
  • No need to remove valve core to set up tubeless tires

Park Tool Shop Inflator Air Compressor Head INF-2_002

Park Tool DC-1 Digital Calipers

Having a set of digital calipers gives you the ability to accurately measure and compare different components on your bike. Whether you are trying to verify the internal rim width on your wheels or make sure your brake levers are evenly spaced, these digital calipers will do the job.

  • Measures external, internal, depth, and stepped dimensions
  • Digital screen displays in metric or standard units
  • Protective case and battery included
  • Measures up to 6 inches or 150mm
  • Accurate to +/- .02mm

Park Tool DC-1 Digital Caliper

Park Tool TW-5 Clicker Torque Wrench

This “click type” torque wrench is used to accurately measure the amount of torque on different threaded fasteners. This is perfect for ensuring your stem, brake caliper and rotor bolts are torqued properly.

  • Ratcheting ¼” drive with ⅜” adapter included
  • Capable of 26 - 132 inch pounds
  • Dial adjust for desired torque preset
  • Case included
  • Bit attachments not included

Park Tool TW-5 Clicker Torque Wrench

Park Tool PK-2 Professional Tool Kit

This professional tool kit is a great way to outfit either your bike shop or home work bench. This is the one stop shop tool kit that covers all the bases for maintaining your bikes!

  • Includes 65 professional quality tools to tackle hundreds of maintenance and repair jobs
  • Includes custom Park Tool toolbox

Park Tool PK-2 Professional Tool Kit

Park Tool SG-8 Threadless Hack Saw Guide

This saw guide makes straight clean cuts on carbon and aluminum seatposts and handlebars an easy task. Tailor fit your bar width and seatpost length with this hack saw blade guide.

  • Ensures a straight clean cut every time
  • Fits different blade widths used for cutting different materials
  • Clamps nicely in a vice
  • Hack saw not included

Park Tool SG-8 Threadless Hack Saw Guide

Written by Max Morgan


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August 10, 2016

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