Fox Shox 32 Step Cast FIT4 Fork: Rider Review

For those in the market for a light and reliable fork, the Fox Shox 32 Step Cast is an easy choice. Fox is known for making some of the best suspension products on the market and the 32 Step Cast is no different. In this review, our customer Jack purchases a Fox 32 Step Cast for his hardtail. Check it out! 

Fox Shox 32 Step Cast FIT4 Fork: Rider Review


In the spirit of full disclosure, my last 4 bikes have been outfitted with Fox forks, so I guess I’m a “Fox guy” at heart and that likely influenced my decision to go with the Fox Step-Cast 32 for my newest XC build. Now, continuing in that spirit, this is by far the best riding XC shock that Fox has built. Hands down.


The installation was nothing out of the ordinary but the initial set up of the Fox Step-Cast fork is where the fun began. I followed Fox’s suggestions on the recommended air pressure and dampening and that gave an excellent starting point to begin dialing in the adjustments. After a few rounds of stair descents, followed up by some quick sprints up the neighborhood hill, I had plenty of feedback to allow for some finer tuning. And just like that, the fork was ready for my local trails.

Fox Shox 32 Step Cast Fork Review

First Ride Impressions

My first ride on the Step-Cast yielded absolutely no buyer’s remorse and the only surprise was how much I loved this fork. Being that this is a true racing fork, I anticipated a less-supple ride than my 2016 Fox 32 but what I found was that the FIT4 damper does a better job of soaking up the small bumps, taking the edge off the medium bumps and softening the impact on the bigger drops. During the initial few rides, the front wheel maintained stellar contact with the trail which resulted in better traction in bumpy corners and anywhere the trail got a bit sketchy.

Long-Term Review

So my Step-Cast now has over 700 miles on it and a few races under its belt. And you know what? I’m still loving my Step-Cast 32, no ifs, no and's, and no buts. The three position adjustment on the FIT4 cartridge makes choosing a dampening setting a breeze and allows for quick lockouts when approaching long smooth climbs. Even when the damper is in the mid setting, the bobbing sensation while climbing or hammering on the flats is minimal. The front wheel feels like it’s been velcroed to the trail and this extra steering traction has saved my bacon more than once.

Final Thoughts

Simply put, this fork is amazing. When you combine the riding characteristics of this fork with the weight savings provided by the Step-Cast design, I couldn’t ask for anything more. If you are in the market for the best riding cross country fork and are interested in cutting some weight, you’ve found the right fork.

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December 03, 2018

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