Fox 32, 34, 36, and 40 Forks...What's the Difference???

Fox Fork Comparison: 32, 34, 36, & 40

In this comparison, we go over the main differences within the Fox fork lineup. Offering some of the best suspension products on the market today, Fox has become the go to for world class champions like Aaron Gwin and Rachel Atherton. With options for all riders and skill levels, it is no surprise that Fox has become one of the most well know names in the industry. 

Fox 32

Fox 32 Fork
The Fox 32 was designed to be the ultimate lightweight cross country fork. The chassis uses a narrow stance to save weight and the step design makes room for the spokes and brake rotor. The 32 SC features 32 mm upper tubes and ample bushing overlap for a quality ride and the hollowed out lower legs provide even more weight savings. 

  • FLOAT EVOL air spring adds plushness
  • 15QRx110 mm Boost and 15QRx100 mm axle options
  • 27.5" and 29" wheel options
  • 100 mm travel
  • FIT4 and GRIP three position damper for improved control
  • Lockout for increased efficiency
  • Factory Series models feature Genuine Kashima Coat
  • 1.5 Taper Steerer

Fox 34

Fox 34 Forks

The Fox 34 offers more travel than the 32 to make it perfect for any all mountain bike. Now offered in a 15QRx110 boost configuration, the Factory Series 34 was designed with the aggressive trail rider in mind. Featuring a FIT4 damper, FLOAT air spring, and super lightweight chassis, the 34 provides proven trail performance that instills confidence and control.

  • FIT4 or GRIP three position damper for improved control
  • 15QR x 110 Boost and 15QR x 100 axle options
  • 1.5 Taper Steerer
  • 140 & 150mm travel options
  • Kashima Coat

Fox 36

Fox 36 Fork

As one of the most versatile forks on the market, the Fox 36 offers exceptional performance with minimal weight gain. Now featuring an EVOL air spring and updated upper tubes for unparalleled small bump sensitivity, the 36 is even smoother than before. The fork of choice for 2015 and 2016 EWS Champion Richie Rude, the 36 is the ultimate enduro fork and is guaranteed to handle anything thrown at it.

  • NEW FLOAT EVOL air spring adds plushness
  • 27.5 and 29 160 models with 15QRx110 mm Boost axle option
  • HSC/LSC or FIT4 damper
  • 831 model – HSC/LSC with convertible 15 mm/20 mm axle
  • Factory Series models feature Genuine Kashima Coat
  • 160 & 180 Travel Options
  • 1.5 Taper, 1.125

Fox 40

Fox 40 Fork

A legend on the race circuit, the Fox 40 has become known as one of the best performing downhill forks on the market. Since its introduction 10 years ago, Fox has continually found way to improve the forks design and performance. Offering a smooth and stable ride, this fork generates incredible confidence no matter how difficult the trail. 

  • FLOAT EVOL air spring adds plushness
  • FLOAT air spring provides increased sensitivity for better traction and less feedback to rider
  • Proven HSC/LSC damper design offers unparalleled adjustment for every course
  • Air bleed system ensures consistent fork performance at any altitude
  • Factory Series models feature Genuine Kashima Coat

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