Fox 32 Suspension Fork

The Fox 32 fork should be your go to if you're looking for a for a MTB suspension fork with stellar all-around cross-country performance. This fork is lightweight and offered in a plethora of different wheel sizes, axle sizes, steerer sizes, and travel options. It is also available in either the FIT4 or FIT GRIP damper. The Fox 32 is only Performance Series with the sleek black on black look. Those looking for the Kashima coat or Orange lowers will have to opt for the Fox 32 Step Cast which is the top of the line XC fork offered from Fox. No matter what fork you put on our bike, you can be sure the quality and performance will be nothing but the best - exactly what you would expect from a brand like Fox. If you're not sure which Fox fork is best for you, then check out our in depth video guide!