Fox has been in the suspension game for a very long time, known for making some of the best products on the market. With having such a wide range of Fox Suspension forks to choose from, picking the right fork can be an overwhelming choice, or as we say, decision paralysis. In the video below we cover the basics on how to choose the right Fox fork for you. Do you need a fork for an XC bike or Enduro bike? Are you looking for more travel or more stiffness than what your current fork offers? We also have a few photos and more detailed descriptions of each fork model below, check it out!

Fox 32, 34, 36, and 40 Forks...What's the Difference???


The Fox 32  fork is going to be your go to weapon if you're looking for a super efficient XC slaying fork. It is available in both the Step Cast version as well as the standard chassis version. The 32 Step Cast version is only available in 100mm of fork travel, or 4 inches. If saving weight is your jam, then the 32 Step Cast is going to be your weapon of choice as it weighs in just under 3 lbs (2.98 lbs to be exact.) The forks are available in both the Factory version (Kashima stanchions/FIT 4 damper) and the Performance version (black stanchions/FIT GRIP damper.) If it's good enough to dominate the World Cup, then it belongs on your lightweight xc bike. As always, we offer free shipping in the US on all Fox products.


Similar to the Fox 32 fork, the Fox 34 is now available in both a Step Cast chassis and standard chassis. The 34 has long been a favorite of the shop for bikes in the 120-140mm range and with the introduction of the 34 Step Cast, optimized for 120mm of travel, you are able to get killer performance while saving almost half a pound from the Factory 34 version. Check out our full ride review on that fork. Maybe you're wondering how it stacks up against the RockShox Pike? We have an entire video and blog write up on that so you can make an educated decision! We have also compiled a ton of reviews on the Fox 34 from lots of credible sources and created our own Ultimate Guide. With plenty of sizes and options available, we can definitely help you find the right Fox 34 fork for your bike.


The Fox 36 fork is synonymous with elite level performance for ultimate enduro bikes. With multiple damper options (FIT GRIP2, FIT4, and Grip) and multiple color options (Matte Black and Gloss Orange) you can be sure the Fox 36 fork will not only make your bike look better than your friends, but perform better as well. Available in both Factory and Performance Elite series, there are multiple price points for this fork that will suit a myriad of riders. The Fox 36 can also be used in 180mm for 27.5” and 170mm for 29” wheels and be lowered all the way down to 140mm for a mid travel yet very stiff fork. Because the Fox 36 performs so well, it’s a shop favorite and can be found on a handful of employee bikes laying around the shop. We recently put it up to the test against the RockShox Lyrik so be sure to check out our blog and video on that.


If downhill racing is your jam, then the Fox 40 should be on your bike. If it's good enough for Aaron Gwin, then it's good enough for you. Need way say more? Available in both 27.5" and 29" versions (and 26" in case that is still your thing) and equipped with the new FIT GRIP2 Damper. The Fox 40 would also be an amazing for your park bike as well. Our very own Max Morgan recently wrote a review on the damper tested on his Fox 40 fork, be sure to check it out! The Fox 40 is also available in the Gloss Orange paint option which will set your DH bike apart from the rest out on the mountain. We have a huge selections of Fox 40 forks but if you need help finding the right one for your bike, we're happy to help!