Evil The Following MB: Customer Review


First of all, I’m coming from an already awesome Pivot 429T, so how can you top that? You gotta get down right Evil! I exchanged for a few reasons:

  1. Wanted a slightly steeper seat tube angle.
  2. Wasn’t really pleased with all the cables down the down tube on the Pivot.
  3. Wanted a piggyback rear shock.

Evil the Following MB Customer Review

Set Up

The DW link is the best suspension I have ridden and will never go back. It’s efficient and works well for me. I’m 6’1” and bought the XL and it fits perfect with 40mm riser bars. This for me puts a 150mm dropper seatpost slammed for perfect fitment. Fit and finish is good and comparable to my old Pivot. I set up sag on the rear and cycled the shock every 50psi to equalize pressure (which is vital) and used the O-ring on the shock shooting for 25-27% sag. I did not like the sag meter that is built in. It’s too general.

Evil the Following MB Customer Review


It’s easiest to install your dropper first, running your cable housing through the frame and out the seat tube, then fish your cable out next.

So, the Orange is slightly heavier than the Drunken Olive but hey, no worries when riding during hunting season right?!

How does it ride? Very nice. The rear suspension in gnar is unbelievable for a 120mm travel trail bike. ( I know you hear this in all the reviews, but it’s the truth! Dave Weegle is a damn genius.) I would give the nod to the Evil for downhill stability and slightly more playful than the Pivot 429T, but give the Pivot a slight nod to climbing. Not that the Evil was bad, just not as composed. Both bikes 29” by the way.

Evil the Following MB Customer Review

Final Thoughts

In short, if you’re looking for a fast, trail bike that gobbles up 95% of terrain out there, go Evil!

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March 10, 2018

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