e*thirteen XCX Plus Cassette: Rider Review

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There is nothing quite like a fresh cassette to breathe new life into a drivetrain. When looking for new components, e*thirteen is always a great choice. In this review, our customer Rafael tells us about his experience with the e*thirteen XCX Plus cassette. Check it out!

 e*thirteen by The Hive XCX Plus Cassette - 11 Speed, 9-34t, Black, For XD Driver Body


The unboxing was so exciting, the package arrived pretty fast from Worldwide Cyclery and I was waiting for this cassette with a lot of excitement (I wanted it since I was a kid and I wanted to install it myself). The e*thirteen XCX plus cassette comes in a neat cardboard box, well organized and with some treats... yeah they take care of you. Some nice stickers and one little pouch of grease for installation, does not have the brand on it but I'm sure it is one of the best you can get.

The e*thirteen 9-34t was an upgrade for my gravel bike that was running a 105 Shimano groupset with 2x in the front and 11-34t, but after a little damage on the chainrings, I decided to go only 1x with all the confidence in the front because the e-thirteen cassette gives me a lot more range than the one I had before. The 9t cog is a blessing and the 34t cog is pretty cool on the steep hills, it is a sweet upgrade from the 11-32t I was running before. I also raced once with this setup right after installing and it was super reliable. Very lightweight and sturdy so I’m pretty sure I can gravel-grind all I want. I have a handful of events coming up during my visit to Texas and I'm dang sure I can tackle them the best way possible.


Installation is the easiest you could ask for. I purchased some tools in advance because I wanted to install it myself. Because I had a new XD hub to put it on and the instructions on their website are so clear, I got to do it fast and secure without using many tools.

Fit and Finish

The black color is a nice touch from e*thirteen, I am always tired of those dirty parts on your bike (especially dirty if you do gravel and you have a shiny chromed cassette that fits your chain), so it is a better look to your bike as well. On the inside, the white details look good from the other side too.

 e*thirteen by The Hive XCX Plus Cassette - 11 Speed, 9-34t, Black, For XD Driver Body


The cassette is very reliable and if the shifting is accurate you get nice and smooth (and great sound) shifting. I'm traveling back home in a few days after a couple more races and I will be testing this babe in the mountains of Colombia (steep and long) and I'm very confident that I will tackle those as well. 

Final Thoughts

Worldwide Cyclery has the best pricing on the market for these e-thirteen pieces plus they do have the best customer service in the business. I really wanna keep buying from them. 

PS. I do believe I have lost some weight on the rear of my bike so hurray!!

e*thirteen by The Hive XCX Plus Cassette - 11 Speed, 9-34t, Black, For XD Driver Body

May 02, 2020

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