Customer Review: Raceface Next R Handlebars

RaceFace's entire Next R lineup is their top shelf components spec. The RaceFace Next R handlebars not only look awesome, but they perform just as well. Here in this review, our customer Bob DeVisscher takes us through his new Next R handlebars with a 35mm clamp diameter and 35mm rise. Check them out!

RaceFace Next R handlebars
Moving to a wider handlebar has been on my biking radar for a while. RaceFace’s Next R 35 800 mm Carbon Riser bar is the perfect balance of stiff, light, and wide. Being 6’4”, I chose the 35 mm rise model to put me in a more comfortable position on my bike. 

The 35 mm rise RaceFace Next R Carbon handlebars weigh in at a paltry 215 grams. They are noticeably lighter than the RaceFace aluminum Aeffect model that came OE on my 2017 Santa Cruz TallBoy. Despite the larger 35mm diameter of the bar, RaceFace engineers claim they are able to use less material in the clamping area. This assertion holds true when holding these bars in your hand - they are feather light.

I have always been impressed with the fit and finish of RaceFace products. The Next R handlebars are no exception to their standard. I mounted them to a RaceFace 35 Turbine stem without issue. Using a small amount of carbon paste on the interface allowed me to torque the stem bolts to just 4 N.m without worrying about the handlebar spinning in the stem or crushing the carbon fiber core. They have been completely creak free on both uphill climbs and downhill runs on the dusty Front Range in Colorado, multiple Fruita rides, and epic all day adventures in Moab. The Next R handlebars come in black with grey outlined lettering. I appreciate these subdued graphics over their DH SixC bars and feel these still show their branding without being a rolling billboard.

Raceface Next R Handlebars

When it comes to stiffness, these 35 mm diameter carbon handlebars excel. They provide just the right amount of give and help reduce arm pump/fatigue while still inspiring confidence when doing drops or bombing down the trail. They are significantly stiffer then some of the 31.8 mm bars on other bikes I have ridden over the years.

I initially bought these handlebars to get the stiffness and compliance of carbon coupled with a 35mm rise. Having extra long legs with a shorter torso requires me to run a very high seat post. This rise puts me in the perfect position for both grueling uphill climbs and fun, fast descents. It can be difficult to find a reliable 35mm diameter carbon handle bar with a 35 mm rise that you can put your trust in. The RaceFace Next R 35 800mm carbon handlebar is that bar.

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January 27, 2018

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