Customer Review: Race Face Next 35 Handlebars

In this review, one of our customers talks about getting the new RaceFace Next 35 handlebars on his fat bike. The Next handlebar is updated for 2017. Check it out!


I'm really loving this new bar from Race Face. The previous version of this bar came stock on my 2015 Borealis Echo XX1 fat bike and I was loving that bar too. For 2017, Race Face increased the width from 740 mm to 760 mm and added the option of a 20 mm rise (instead of just the 10 mm rise offered previously). They kept the comfortable and useful 8-degree rearward and 5-degree upward sweeps. They also added a grip of new graphics colors and the new Stealth graphics just happen to match my Echo perfectly. Very nice...

Customer Review: RaceFace Next 35 Handlebars

Especially for fat bikes, I think the 35 mm clamp diameter makes a lot of sense. That front wheel and front end can get mighty heavy and having a fatter, stiffer bar really makes a difference. Race Face claims the larger diameter allowed them to make the carbon walls on the bar thinner to save weight, but after riding the previous version of this bar over 250 mi in the snow, I think it's stiffer versus a similar standard 31.8 mm clamp diameter carbon bar too. And as with any carbon bar, the high-frequency vibration damping in nice, especially paired with a fat tire up front. For a fat bike, I think the wider bar with the larger clamp diameter is the way to go and I won't ride anything else after having ridden a 35 mm bar. I can't think of any negatives to this set up other than the need to buy a 35 mm stem to go with the bars. All in all, another great product from Race Face...

Enjoy the ride!

Race Face Next 35 Handlebar

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February 07, 2017

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