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This review was written by Nick Karnezos who was in the market for a new helmet. The helmet is one of, if not the, most important piece of equipment on your body - let's read his thoughts!


If there’s one piece of equipment not to go cheap on - it’d be your helmet. Forget things like expensive carbon water bottle cages and use that money to get a better helmet. I’d recommend researching helmets based on the type of riding you do and then getting the very best one you can. For me, it was the Lazer Z1 with MIPS.

Once you decide on the helmet - you’ll need to figure out where to get it from. I found Worldwide Cyclery through the Lazer website. They’re an official Lazer dealer. This was the first thing I've bought from Worldwide Cyclery but it won’t be my last. I appreciate that they take business seriously but life…well …not so much. Thanks for interjecting some humor into the transaction.

Customer Review: Lazer Z1 Helmet MIPS - Worldwide Cyclery
Anyway, back to the helmet. Usually the only time the thought of falling flickers through my head is when I do something like corner through a patch of gravel that I didn’t see coming. Helmet research can be a little depressing as you consider all the different crash scenarios but, with this helmet, Lazer has addressed many different types of events.

The helmet has RBS - described as an internal “roll cage” that keeps the helmet together during multiple impacts in a single fall. Sounds like a pretty critical feature. It also has MIPS - a technology offering increased protection from an angled impact. Also sounds important to have. It also features increased protection of the temples. Didn’t know that was an area of vulnerability but nice to get it covered.

With safety addressed, you’re wondering how it fits and feels. In a word: awesome. I basically don’t even feel the helmet when it’s on. It’s that comfortable. The helmet is super light. The Advanced Rollsys System (essentially a dial on top of the helmet) makes micro adjustments of the fit a breeze. And speaking of breeze, the venting is also superb which I’ll appreciate on hot summer days. Even with the temple protection, the helmet easily accommodates my wide cycling glasses.

I like to keep things simple but if you like accessories, there are also a number of cool looking add ons for this helmet. They range from sunglasses with magnets that attach to the chin strap, to a heart rate monitor that gets readings from your forehead, to a rain/aero clip-on cover, and even a light for the back of the helmet.

I'm really pleased with this helmet and highly recommend it. Five out of five stars. Thanks Worldwide Cyclery!

Safe riding everyone.

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May 22, 2017

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