Ultimate Review Guide: Sram Eagle Drivetrain

When the Sram Eagle drivetrain was introduced in 2016, it was the first 12 speed 1x drivetrain the mountain bike community had ever seen. First it was XX1 and now Eagle, Sram continues to push the limits of what can be done with mountain bike products. Sram calls the new Eagle drivetrain, "simply unstoppable." The flashy gold cassette and chain you may have already seen comes with the XX1 Eagle groupset. Sram also offers the XO1 Eagle drivetrain, featuring the same 10-50 gear range in a more cost friendly package. In this Ultimate Review Guide, we have put together a place to find all kinds of technical information, reviews, custom builds, and photos on the jaw dropping Sram Eagle drivetrain. 

Ultimate Guide: Sram Eagle Drivetrain - Worldwide Cyclery

Worldwide Cyclery Customer Review

At Worldwide Cyclery we offer lots of customer reviews on a wide range of different products. One of our local customers gives his thoughts on the Sram XX1 Eagle drivetrain and how it compares to his previous XX1 11 speed groupset. 

For those interested in upgrading your bike with the Sram Eagle drivetrain, contact us and any of our Worldwide Cyclery employees would be happy to help. 

Sram Website

One of the best places to start is the Sram website, where you can find all of the technical information on both Sram XX1 Eagle and XO1 Eagle drivetrains. Sram claims that Eagle features the widest range of gears on any 1x drivetrain seen before. "Simply Unstoppable." 

Pinkbike Review

Pinkbike reviews the XO1 Eagle complete drivetrain. Here is their take away - "The wide range of the Eagle drivetrain's cassette is going to be the most appealing trait for many riders, but it's the little things like the improved B-knuckle, the elimination of the narrow wide teeth on the derailleur's upper pulley wheel, and the revised chainring profile that help make this SRAM's best mountain bike drivetrain yet. The price is fairly high at the moment, but don't forget, this is SRAM's top-of-the-line gruppo; it's not a stretch to imagine that more attainable options are in the works." 

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Ultimate Guide: Sram Eagle Drivetrain - Worldwide Cyclery

Sram XO1 Eagle Groupset - Pinkbike Review

Vital MTB Review

Vital MTB's bottom line - "SRAM's Eagle drivetrain has proven itself as a better 1X drivetrain, highlighted by a smoother, more refined feel and massively improved durability. The extra range provided by the incredibly machined 10 to 50-tooth cassette allows you to both climb more easily and descend at higher speeds. Those who find themselves searching for "one more" will love being able to spin their legs again, and those who could muscle SRAM's 11-speed drivetrains without issue will rejoice in other less obvious benefits. While the cost is high following Eagle's introduction, it's an excellent upgrade for those who can swing it."

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Teton Gravity Research Review

Excerpt from Teton Gravity - "If you’re buying a new bike and you have a choice between drivetrains, I’d say the extra $150-$200 for Eagle is probably worth the money on a cost/value basis for its longevity, even if you don’t need that wide a range of gears. It IS, of course, slightly heavier than a high-end 11 speed system. So if you’re a total weight weenie and know you can push a 42 through anything you need with one chainring, that might be a consideration...But Eagle comes together with function, longevity, gear ratio, weight and style all in one neat, proven package. There it is, then."

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BikeMag Review

Bike Mag's review focused a lot on how Eagle is more refined towards product longevity. Here are some of their thoughts - "The common thread on those nuts and bolts is a dedication not just to longer life, but to maintaining peak performance throughout that longer life. Product longevity is a dying art in a society where we’re expected to want a new phone, a new car, and yes, a new mountain bike every year. A few skeptics have even accused Eagle of simply being twelve more cogs in the consumerist machine. But after six months of abuse and hundreds of thousands of feet of elevation, my own Eagle drivetrain is in much better shape than my 6-month-old Samsung Galaxy."

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Sram XO1 Eagle Drivetrain - Worldwide Cyclery

Custom Build: Yeti SB5c with Sram XO1 Eagle Groupset

Freehub Mag Review

Freehub Mag's take - "All and all, I have been loving the new SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain. It has performed with minimal maintenance - not recommended - and helped pursue my passion to ride diverse terrain with one bike. With any new technology in the bike world, there is a cost to getting on the newest and greatest advancements - the Eagle is fresh to the market and currently the only 1x12 drivetrain available - and the price tag reflects the exclusivity. Per usual, prices do tend to drop after time (although there is no concrete evidence of that happening anytime soon). However, even as is, I think the price tag associated with the new 1x12 systems is well worth the money and will only increase any on-trail experience and offer a whole new range to you daily ride."

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Enduro MTB Overview

Enduro MTB presents 12 Things You Need to Know about Sram Eagle. Here are some of their thoughts - "Joking aside, now that the jump to 12 speed has been made there will be endless debate over ratios and speeds, but SRAM’s new Eagle technology is about more than that. It’s a holistic system designed from the ground up to take everything that made XX1 and XO1 so popular and make them even better. On the trail we experienced near silent operation with impeccably crisp and precise shifting up and down the block. The SRAM Eagle is set to be a sure-fire hit on the OEM and aftermarket, and we look forward to seeing if it’s durability impresses too. Oh, and did we mention it’s 12 speed?"

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Bike Radar Review

Bike Radar's verdict - "Pricey but a quantum leap in gear range, shift performance and transmission durability. 

Highs: Faster, cleaner, quieter shifting performance and more efficient feeling drive across all the climbing or flat out charging gears you need. Increased chainring, chain and cassette wear life offsets high price
Lows: Heavier and significantly more expensive than XTR. There are stiffer, lighter cranks.
Buy if: You want the smoothest shifting, cleanest feeling and most efficient super-wide range transmission around and in its most cost effective and trail-proof format." 

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Sram XX1 Eagle on Yeti SB45c - Worldwide Cyclery

Custom Build: Yeti SB45c with Sram XX1 Eagle Groupset 

SRAM Eagle Worldwide Cyclery

Sram Eagle - ALL IN Video


Sram Eagle Installation Video


Damien Oton Devinci Spartan Sram Eagle - Worldwide Cyclery

Damien Oton's Devinci Spartan with Sram Eagle - Photo by Vital MTB

May 22, 2017

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