Customer Review: Fox Kabolt Axle

For those looking for a clean looking, minimalistic front axle, the Fox Kabolt 15mm axle may be for you. In this review, one of our amazing customers, Kevin Johnson, talks about how the Kabolt compares to the stock quick release axle. Let's hear his thoughts.


Fox has introduced two versions of the Kabolt axle, 15 x 100mm and 15 x 110mm models. Both are available in either anodized orange or black finishes. They are installed using a 6mm hex key. I purchased the black version in 15 x 110mm, which weighed 36.6 grams. My original Fox quick release axle that was supplied with my Fox Factory 34 fork weighed 76.6 grams, so I saved more than 50% in weight. Plus, I like simplicity in mechanical function. No levers, just screw it in and ride. This axle is compatible with any of Fox’s 15mm forks and provides an aesthetically pleasing look while minimizing object entanglement when riding thru forest or brush. It’s simple, elegant, and effective.

Customer Review: Fox Kabolt Axle - Worldwide Cyclery

Customer Review: Fox Kabolt Axle - Worldwide Cyclery
I purchased my Kabolt axle from WorldwideCyclery; the place for all your cycling needs. WC provides a mammoth selection of anything and everything remotely related to bicycling. Backed by a fabulous staff of die-hard cyclists, WorldwideCyclery offers fair pricing, a generous return policy, incentives, and more. Check them out on Google, Twitter, Ebay, and Facebook. They’ve toiled hard to earn outstanding reviews from all their customers. It’s no secret, their success is built upon customer satisfaction.

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May 22, 2017

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