Yeti SB165 - A New Mixed Wheel Bike Made For Aggressive Riding

Yeti Isn’t First, But They Are Often The Best:

The new Yeti SB165 (MX) is the Colorado’s brand first go at a mullet bike, much like other bikes from Yeti. They are not often the first to jump on a trend, but when they do, they make sure they do it right. This is the case with the new SB165, its not just a 27.5” rear wheel bolted on an existing bike. It has been purpose-built around the mixed wheel size and focused to a mix of freeriding, bike parks, and the steep and demanding enduro courses. 

Yeti SB165 Mixed Wheel


The new SB165 really does combine the Red Bull Rampage proven SB165 (old 27.5 model) and the new and EDR race proven SB160 platform. Giving it a unique spot in Yeti’s lineup. With 165mm of rear coil driven travel paired to a 170mm fork, on paper it looks very close to the SB160, but after riding it you will find the two are possibly like twins, but more like fraternal twins. The SB160 is the serious type-A sibling, not much joking, but damn good at what they do. The new SB165 is more like the sibling that might not have the serious nature but is all about having a good time and might happen to live life a little larger. 


  • 165mm rear travel paired with a 170mm fork
  • Sizes: SM-XL
  • Threaded bottom bracket
  • High-clearance downtube
  • Dual-density downtube protection
  • Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH)
  • Secure, fully enclosed internal cable management
  • Compatible with long dropper posts
  • 100% standard sealed Enduro Max bearings
  • Floating collet axle pivot design
  • Compact-wishbone shock extender
  • Boost spacing
  • Fox Factory 38 Grip 2 and Fox Factory DHX2 shock
  • Fox Transfer dropper post
  • MX DT Swiss EX1700 custom wheelset
  • 4 piston brakes
  • ODI Elite Pro grips
  • 220mm front and 200mm rear rotors
  • Maxxis Assegai 2.5 and DHR II 2.4 EXO+ tires
  • SLS Coil Spring on frame only
Yeti SB165 Mixed Wheel



  • 63.5-degree head tube angle
  • 76.9-degree seat tube angle
  • Size Specific Chainstays (S/433, M/435, L/437, XL/439)
  • Reach (S/430, M/460, L/480, XL/505)
  • Seat Tube Length (S/365, M/400, L/440, XL/470)
Yeti SB165 Mixed Wheel

The geometry of the new SB165 is specific to the mixed wheel design, that is key when looking at a bike that might have mixed wheels. I think there are compromises if a bike says it will do both 29” or 27.5” rear wheels. Some do it right and really change the dropouts and bb height, other have a flip chip or small adjustments that compromise on geometry and suspension kinematics. On the new SB165, you will find a 63.5 degree head tube angle paired with an almost 77 degree seat tube angle, 76.9 degree exactly. Pretty modern numbers that follow with very modern reach, chainstays and seat tube lengths. Reach on a medium is 460mm and 480mm for a large. Chainstays are 435mm and 437mm for a medium and large respectively. And a seat tube length of 400mm and 440mm for both medium and large as well. Nothing out of the norm there, and why not when it works.


SB165MX - SB160 - SB165

Wheel sizes, yup that is most of the differences. Or at least the big ones. 

Old SB165 - 27.5” wheels front and rear

SB160 - 29” wheels front and rear

New SB165 - 29” / 27.5” Mixed wheels

Yeti SB165 Mixed Wheel


Going from the old SB165 to the new SB165 MX, the frame is redesigned, taking all of the new cues from the other Yeti bikes equipped with the switch infinity link (all bikes but the new ASR). From the bearings on the links, vs putting them in the carbon frame, floating bearing axles, co-molded threaded bottom brackets, rattle-free cable routing, and proper rubber frame protection both on the chainstays and the downtube. The new SB165 is quite close to the SB160 but with some geometry differences and of course the wheel changes. 

On-Trail Performance:

Getting on the new SB165 MX I was wondering where I should take this bike, it really deserves some steep fun trails. Not always something I have around me as much of our trails can be steep but are raw. I got out on some steep trails to really see how this mixed-wheel bike would change from a dual 29” bike. I don't have a ton of time on mixed-wheel analog trail bikes, e-bikes and DH bikes are mainly what I have rode with mixed wheels at this point. 

Yeti SB165 Mixed Wheel 

I got on this bike and at first it didn't feel too different from the SB160, it's fast and confident when you point it downhill. When you climb the bike, it's not as quick or efficient feeling as a SB160, but it has a great seated climbing position where you can spin up climbs pretty easily. I'd say for a freeride-ish bike, it certainly climbs the best out of any bike in that category I've ridden. Normally those are quite pigs, but it's not like Yeti to make a bike that climbs bad. 

Once I got acquainted with the SB165, I could feel the benefits of the mixed wheel. It becomes much easier to get into corners and move around than the 29” rear wheel. It basically is the argument of the mixed wheel right? Corners are easier to get into and around, jumps feel a bit smoother, and steep chutes feel more controlled. I did find that on the rough sections that were not as steep, carrying speed was a bit harder than a full 29” wheel. But I think that is an obvious downside to the mixed wheel setups. 

Yeti SB165 Mixed Wheel

What's Worldwide's Takeaway?

Yeti's debut of the SB165 (MX) marks their foray into the mixed wheel bike arena, purpose-built around the mixed wheel size, the SB165 caters to freeriding, bike parks, and demanding enduro courses. Combining elements from the RedBull Rampage-proven SB165 and the EDR race-tested SB160, it occupies a distinct niche in Yeti's lineup. The geometry, tailored for mixed wheel design, boasts modern angles and dimensions.. Redesigned with cues from other Yeti bikes, the SB165 MX prioritizes functionality, featuring advancements such as switch infinity link and rattle-free cable routing. On the trails, the SB165 impresses with its confidence-inspiring downhill prowess and efficient seated climbing position, distinguishing itself in the freeride category. With the benefits of mixed wheels evident in improved cornering and maneuverability, the SB165 delivers a thrilling ride experience, though maintaining speed on less steep, rough sections proves slightly challenging, a common trade-off in mixed wheel setups.

Yeti SB165 Mixed Wheel

April 11, 2024

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