Bike Yoke Revive Dropper Post: Rider Review

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Arguably one of the most innovative components that have changed the way people ride mountain bikes these days is the dropper seat post. Getting into the proper position on the fly while riding is the beauty of dropper posts. Our friend Mark shares his opinion on the BikeYoke Revive Dropper Post. Check it out!

BikeYoke Revive dropper post Rider Review


Recently I built a new bike up from the frame. The bike is an aluminum hardtail, and I wanted the new bike to be affordable but also have several features that I felt were important. Features like a threaded bottom bracket and internal cable routing, to name a few. One feature that I was hesitant to include at first was a dropper post because of the expense. So I shopped around and looked at some of the more affordably priced posts. X-Fusion, OneUp, Brand X are some brands of dropper posts that get good reviews. After some consideration, I opted to go with the same post I already have on my trail bike, the BikeYoke Revive. Certainly not the cheapest option but in the end, I felt it was the best choice.

BikeYoke Revive dropper post Rider Review
After measuring the new frame I calculated that I could fit the 185 travel version but eventually decided on the 160 travel model. I was glad that I did because once I got the post and installed it I needed to lower the post in the seat tube and the 185 travel dropper post would have been too long to allow that adjustment.

BikeYoke Revive dropper post Rider Review

Final Thoughts

The Revive is easy to install and once on the bike works as a precision piece of equipment. The Revive has a very smooth lever action and movement. The post has been reliable so far and has developed no play. I would recommend the BikeYoke Revive to anyone considering adding a dropper post to their bike, or replacing the one they currently have.

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October 27, 2019

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