OneUp Components Dropper Post Remote V2: Rider Review

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OneUp has been holding it down as one of the most innovative companies within the MTB Industry. Every product is intended to challenge what is currently being offered on the market, and yes, that includes something as simple as a dropper remote. How different could it be? Very. Looks are deceiving and the OneUp remote might be the dropper lever you are looking for. Just take Mariusz's opinion for it!

Mariusz's Review

I've been using OneUp Dropper Post Remote V1 for most of this year. I really liked it. And since V1 was made out of Carbon Fiber, it actually broke in this one weird crash where I burped front tire... I knew right away I would be getting the OneUp remote again. To my surprise V2 replaced V1. The difference - V2 is aluminum. I don't know why they changed it to Alu, but I got it, installed it and still like it as much as V1. Both versions are really light, I can't imagine there was a lot of weight savings on such a small component. However, I'd guess that V2 might be harder to break. I just hope, when the time comes, it's not gonna be too hard and will not cause any additional damage, as opposed to V1 that just snapped off cleanly.

OneUp Dropper Remote V2 Review

About the design. I really like ergonomics of this lever. It sits right under the bar, where shifter lever would be for the front derailleur, the one closer to the bar. So it is nicely tucked out of the way, but it is very intuitive when it's time to use it. I was also able to set it up mounted to SRAM brake clamp, so it is not too far forward. Also, there are three holes to attach the lever to MMX adaptor so it can be adjusted based on individual needs. I have mine set as far away from grip as it was possible. But it can be moved probably about half an inch closer.
The lever itself can have a lot of throw if needed, but I tightened the adjustment screw to adjust the preload of cable and it is perfect, comfortable, easy to find and perfect amount of throw.

OneUp Dropper Remote V2 Review

The lever has a ball bearing, so the action is very smooth too. The part where my thumb pushes on the lever is grooved, and slightly concave so it feels good, and it has good traction when I operate the lever.

Final Thoughts

"One of the features I like of this lever is the cable grab screw that is at the lever. So you can run the cable from the dropper post, install the post, and then set the correct length of the cable and cut it and attach it to the lever. (In contrast to this method, Some systems require you to pinch the cable in the barrel at the dropper post) SO setup is easier with OneUp. I would highly recommend this lever. I've used different ones and like this one the most." - Mariusz Ostasz

OneUp Dropper Remote V2 Review

October 28, 2019

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