9 Reasons To Try the MTB Strong Enduro Training Program


with Dee Tidwell

With the current state of gyms and fitness facilities, the MTB Strong training program is more relevant now than ever. The training program is Covid-19 friendly and can be done at the gym or at home using basics like:

  1. An exercise ball
  2. A few dumbbells based off your experience
  3. A mix of bands with handles
  4. A medicine ball
  5. A foam roller and LAX ball
  6. A kettlebell or bucket with sand in it
  7. A suspension trainer like TRX or a homemade version

It doesn't take much to get ready for the 2021 season whether you are new to mountain biking or preparing for a XC, Enduro or DH race season, you will have the premier MTB training program to guide you to success!

This program is designed around a “Performance Pyramid” system with 6 months of step-by-step guided workouts focusing on flexibility, mobility, strength, and power. Mountain biking requires more than just cardiovascular fitness and that's where this program shines as it incorporates mobility and flexibility exercises with a focus on recovery as well which other programs often lack. We strongly believe in this program which is why we have partnered with Dee to offer $25 off the MTB Strong training package.

Dee is a mountain biker himself and has 19 years experience training with world-class athletes as well as riders on the Yeti/Fox Factory team which makes the MTB Strong program that much more legit. A ton of us at the shop have started the programs ourselves because at the end of the day, we want to be as strong and confident on the bike as we can and this training program can help beginners and experts alike. Our very own Liam Woods has been on this program for over a month now and had this to say:

So far the program seems really well balanced. Between the amount of riding, strength workouts and stability workouts, I feel like this is really well laid out for a typical rider that works a 40 hour work week. Having some past XC racing training that incorporated some strength and mobility workouts, the Enduro MTB program seems to be exactly that, but more based for enduro style riding where you are having more of a physical battle on the bike vs just putting in miles with intervals and some strength to add support. I'm only on week 4 but already I feel like I am over the hump of getting into the groove with the workouts as riding comes easy for me - the workouts are the more challenging part.

Last week while riding some local chunky trails I felt more composed and calm on the bike while still pulling out a 1 second PR on a DH worthy trail, it could be a complete coincidence but I have to say I am already feeling a bit stronger and more comfortable riding chunky DH style trails. What I like about the program is that Dee Tidwell really puts an emphasis on both the mobility and flexibility moves as well as being a good mover and doing the workouts correctly, not just get them done. I think many programs overlook the recovery and flexibility part as many mountain bikers squeeze in rides and don't put time into rolling out and stretching afterward. Also, by making sure you are doing the moves correctly, they have been designed in such a way to help your movement and strength on the bike. If you are just trying to crank them out and put in as many sets as possible, you are missing what Dee is trying to get accomplished by making Enduro MTB Training users stronger and better movers.

Tag along with Jared as he gives us a brief overview of the program!

The link above will take you to the program explaining all of the benefits, but we're going to make this short and sweet as to why this program might be for you.

Core benefits from the MTB Strong Enduro Training package:

1. Lose weight, get leaner
2. Ride faster and longer
3. Avoid injury and recover quicker
9 reasons why this would be an awesome investment...
  1. You are new to the sport, advanced rider or gravity racer...
  2. You’d like to ride longer and farther…
  3. You’re tired of the same results year after year…
  4. You just want to be a better, faster, or a more skilled rider…
  5. You’re tired of the “dirt roadie” mentality that says you must spend hours and hours on a road bike or stationary bike to “get to the next level…”
  6. You’re tired of being sore and fatigued after a day on the trail…
  7. You're getting "older" and want to continue to ride hard …
  8. You’re ready to have more fun without exposing yourself to serious injury…
  9. You want to crush your riding buddies on Strava

February 10, 2022

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