Why Should You Buy a Bike From a Boutique Brand?

Why buy a bike from a brand like Yeti, Evil, Devinci, Ibis etc.? Simply put, because those are the brands that you can relate to. These products are made by companies run by small groups of guys who are dedicated mountain bikers.

These are guys who genuinely care about the design of their bikes in a way you just don’t see in big box brands. These guys legitimately RIDE the bikes. Riding is their passion. They are the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the cycling industry.

Yeti SB6c Custom Build - Worldwide Cyclery

Yeti SB6c Custom Build

Sure Nissan makes a cool super-car, and Lexus has a cool super-car. But Nissan and Lexus are not solely in the business of building super-cars. Their main focus is on the average commuter who is looking for good mileage and reliability — not superior handling or speed.

Nissan and Lexus just make a few super-cars to keep their names in the news. And sure these cars are very cool. But the primary money-makers and focus of these companies are medium-sized, practical cars — just like bikes built by big name brands in the bicycle industry. They’re reliable, but they are not exciting. They were not created with the same passion and they certainly weren't the entire focus of the company like you'd see in a boutique bike brand. 

A Devinci may not be light years better than a big name brands top dog bike. We certainly think it’s going to be far better, but maybe not an “Oh my God, this is UNREAL!” difference. Sure, the quality is definitely better, the ride is more fun, but the difference may not be huge. If we told you it was we'd be blowing smoke.

Evil The Wreckoning Custom Build - Worldwide Cyclery

Evil The Wreckoning Custom Build

The real difference is their heritage. 

Big name bike brands make little kids’ bikes, they make $300 mountain bikes, they make tons of road bikes, etc. They are good examples of a big corporation (of which there are many) that make ALL types of bikes, and they’re focused on money and selling, selling, selling.

And that’s the same way it is with Toyota, Honda and Nissan. On the other hand, we have Lamborghini and Ferrari, and the heritage that those companies bring to the table. And what their employees and company cultures are dedicated to. There is no question the boutique brands are all about — and live for — the quality of work they put into their product.

This is exactly like the difference in quality that you are going to see in a high end brand (like Evil) as opposed to a huge big box brand. These companies have different strategies, goals and mindsets.

So if you’re going to support a brand and buy a high-end mountain bike, by all means SUPPORT THE GUYS WHO RIDE THE BIKES!

Devinci Troy - Worldwide Cyclery

Devinci Troy

Support that small group that is dedicated to creating quality top-tier mountain bikes. They work for small companies that are solely committed to building badass mountain bikes — as opposed to big corporations that are focused on making money and pushing numbers up.

The strategy and focus of these brands is night and day different, and that is something you should definitely consider before you purchase a bike over a few thousand dollars. 

Because not only are you going to get a better, higher quality machine — you’re also going to be supporting the kind of people that you genuinely should be supporting. People like you. People you can relate to.

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