RockShox Super Deluxe RC3 Rear Shock: Rider Review

Upgrading the rear shock on your mountain bike can be one of the most enjoyable experiences as a rider. Not only does it enhance the ride but it also can seriously improve the look of the bike. In this review, our customer Garrett picks up a new Rockshox Super Deluxe RC3 Shock for his Trek Remedy. Check it out!

Rockshox Super Deluxe RC3 Rear Shock Rider Review


Life has changed a lot since I moved across the country. I came from the mountains in New Mexico to the flatter and greener land of Minnesota. When living in the steeper mountains, I always had a trail bike along with a downhill bike. Now that I’m not always sending it down a rock-filled mountain, I rarely break out the downhill sled. I've been needing a trail bike that can be my downhill setup when the terrain or venue changes. 

My Current Setup

I currently ride a Trek Remedy 9.7. The bike has been amazing since I got it, the carbon frame making it light and nimble. I've been using it for more aggressive terrain as time has gone on. The biggest drawback I found on the bike was the stock Re:Aktive rear shock. Although the Re:Aktive shock far surpasses the suspension on my prior XC bikes, it seemed to lack a bottomless feel. It felt plush with small hits but then quickly progressed to an uncomfortably stiff ride when the shock was rapidly cycled.

Rockshox Super Deluxe RC3 Rear Shock Rider Review


I chose to try the Rockshox Super Deluxe RC3 Shock to meet my suspension needs. I chose this because I’ve truly enjoyed the build quality on my Rockshox products and this shock contains a piggy-back setup which I hoped would give it a better bottomless feel. The product was a little difficult to install at first. The hardest part of the install was placing the top bushing in the shock. I had to polish the eyelet to get the bushing into the shock. After getting the fit correct, the rest of the install was smooth sailing.

Rockshox Super Deluxe RC3 Shock Rider Review


I took the Remedy out for its first spin with the new Super Deluxe RC3 rear shock. My daily trails are mild with a few climbs, jumps and tree roots. The shock felt plush and as I began to cycle the shock, it remained plush. When the shock is switched to the firm mode, it stiffens up well and allows for great pedaling efficiency. I typically ride on the middle selection. It provides exceptional dampening but still lets me get the most out of my pedals. I decided to really put the new shock through its paces and went on some lift-serviced trails as well. I flipped the shock to full open and sent it big. To my surprise, I loved it. The shock felt more stable and controlled than my coil rear shock on my Trek session. It had enough dampening to fix my mistakes but was so tunable that I could put the bike where ever I wanted it.

Final Thoughts

The rebound on the shock can be tricky to adjust due to its location. It usually requires me to take off my gloves, so really not a big deal. I have yet to service it, but from the instructions, it should be easy enough. Overall, this shock is all time. It works so well, it almost makes me want to get rid of my downhill bike...... almost ;)

Rockshox Super Deluxe RC3 Rider Review: Shop Rockshox Super Deluxe

November 15, 2018

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