Guest Blog: Canfield Riot Review

Canfield Brothers is a boutique brand that really focuses their efforts on producing high quality, unique bikes at limited quantities. They really put their time and effort into the company and it shows with their top notch customer service and hands-on approach. Here is what one of our customers had to say about the Canfield Riot after his first few rides on a custom built stallion: 

"Prior to riding the Canfield Brothers Riot, I thought my Specialized Enduro 29 was the best and most fun bike I had ever ridden....I now stand corrected. 

The Riot's super short chain stays combined with its slack angles allow it to carve through trails and pop off every obstacle like no bike I've ridden before! In fact, it carves so well that the harder you push it in a corner, the more you feel like you are steering from the rear wheel without brake initiated drifting. 

In addition, I am super impressed with the effectiveness of Canfield's linkage at both the top and bottom of the shock stroke. When the shock is wide open the rear suspension feels bottomless allowing you to truck drive through rock gardens like no 140mm bike should be able to. When you lock the shock it pedals like a hard tail and is ready to tackle the steepest and most technical climbs you can handle. 

Assembling all of this in one package makes the Riot the most fun 29er I've ever ridden."

If you are interested in a Canfield bike or frame, please call us at 805-375-4525 or shoot us an email at All Canfield bikes/frames can be special ordered through us and we can handle the custom build on any frame no problem. In the meantime, check out how good this build came out!

Canfield Riot - Worldwide Cyclery

This build was spec'd with Industry Nine Enduro wheels, RaceFace Atlas cranks, bars and stem along with a KS LEV Integra dropper and topped of with a RockShox Pike fork and Monarch Plus Rc3 rear shock. A stunning look of black components on a raw aluminum frame. 

Canfield Riot - Worldwide Cyclery

Canfield Riot - Worldwide Cyclery

March 23, 2016

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