Seatpost Review: RockShox Reverb vs. KS LEV

RockShox Reverb vs. KS LEV Dropper Seatposts: What are the similarities and differences between the two?

Here at Worldwide Cyclery, we noticed that when it comes to picking a dropper post, there are many choices and the decision is tough, so we figured we would throw together a little post for you guys to point out some of the similarities and differences between the Rockshox Reverb seatpost and the KS LEV seatpost which are two of the most popular dropper posts we sell.  

The RockShox Reverb is a hydraulic actuated post that is a very simple and easy-to-install design. With your speed adjust on the lever and the connect-a-majig at the base of the post, it makes it very nice to work on. We have yet to have an issue with having to re-bleed the lever since there is very little room for error but like any hydraulic system, there are some imperfections at times. All in all this post has been great for us in the past and for someone looking for a great looking post that can handle the constant abuse this post is great! Click here to check out our selection of RockShox Reverb dropper posts. 

RockShox Reverb Dropper Post

The KS Lev is a cable actuated post that is also very straight forward to install. It is very crucial to make sure your cable and housing are cut to the right length, but after that, it is very easy to adjust the cable tension, and speed. KS has a great design that looks killer and has very smooth travel. KS makes an internally routed post as well and out all the KS posts we have sold we have had very few issues with them which is excellent in our eyes! Click here to check out our selection of KS LEV dropper posts.

KS LEV Dropper Seatpost - Worldwide Cyclery

Overall, both posts are great perform very well and no matter which one you go with we are sure that you will be pleased. So now it’s just up to you, what is going to be you weapon of choice out there on the trail? The RockShox Reverb or the KS LEV!!

Rockshox Reverb Dropper

KS Lev Dropper Post

March 21, 2016

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