Dam the Torpedoes! at Castaic Lake presented by Worldwide Cyclery

A few months back, we were approached by the So Cal High School Cycling League about sponsoring the Dam the Torpedos! Race at Castaic Lake SRA. Immediately we jumped on this opportunity for a number of reasons.

For starters, it is a great way to get out in the local area and meet people who have the same interests and love for the sport that we do. Mountain bike racing at the high school level has grown exponentially over the years and it’s amazing to see the traction that this sport is getting. What started as a program for high school students has now been implemented at the middle school level which was designed to introduce these younger riders to the sport with a heavy focus on skills, fitness, fun, and responsibility, all while remaining competitive! The cross-country style of racing is a fun, yet safe introduction to the sport of cycling and helps students pick up the skills that can transfer into other areas of riding such as road, all-mountain/trail, and enduro as well.

So Cal High School Cycling League

The So Cal High School Cycling League goes beyond just holding races for these students – they are instilling values and teaching responsibility not only for other competitors, but for the wilderness and trails that they ride on as well. This league is part of the NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) which is a group that develops interscholastic MTB programs for student athletes across the entire United States! Their goal is to get more kids on a bike which is exactly what this sport needs, and all the reason more for us to sponsor such an awesome event and organization.

Kids are the future of the sport and we will continue to support events and organizations like this that give back to the community and help teach respect and etiquette on the bike and in the racing community. If you happen to be going to the race, stop and by and say hello. We will have some activities set up and the opportunity to win gift cards to our shop. That’s pretty much free money just to come hangout!!

So Cal High School Cycling League

All images courtesy of Murrieta Mesa High School

March 30, 2016

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