Yeti Cycles ARC Hardtail Mountain Bike is Back!

Words by: Reamonn Ryan

Yeti Cycles stopped producing the ARC a few years ago and many riders were saddened to hear their favorite bike was no more as the full suspension craze moved forward. Fast forward a few years and Yeti has reproduced the Iconic ARC hardtail and decked it out with everything from a carbon frame, 29” wheels, to modern geometry.

2021 Yeti ARC Carbon Hardtail

“It should come as no surprise that we’d launch the ARC. It was probably the worst kept secret in the bike industry over the last two weeks. We’ve been so focused on full suspension bikes for the past five years we forgot how fun a hardtail could be. The ARC has awesome performance and versatility. This bike reminds me of the raw mountain bike feeling we all fell in love with” -Yeti Cycles president, Chris Conroy

2021 Yeti ARC Carbon Hardtail

Hardtails have slowly been making quite a comeback in many different disciplines including enduro riding but the trail bike has to be the most sought-after hardtail today. This is why Yeti decided to attack the 130mm travel range market.

2021 Yeti ARC Carbon Hardtail

“The ARC is a progressive, versatile trail bike capable of tackling the same steep terrain alongside Yeti’s full suspension rigs. The reach numbers and chain stay lengths, paired with an aggressive 130mmFOX Fit 4 fork and 67-degree headtube angle provide an excellent balance of pedaling efficiency and downhill inspiring confidence. Internally routed cable tubes with new secure closures at entry and exit points make cable rattles a thing of the past. An all new, finned chain slap protector silences chain on rubber sound.29” x 2.6” wheels round out the bike providing all the traction and cushion needed.” Yeti Cycles

2021 Yeti ARC Carbon Hardtail


2021 Yeti ARC Carbon Hardtail 2021 Yeti ARC Carbon Hardtail

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2021 Yeti ARC Carbon Hardtail2021 Yeti ARC Carbon Hardtail
2021 Yeti ARC Carbon Hardtail

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August 04, 2020

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