POC Tectal Race SPIN Helmet: Rider Review

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Cycling protection is a huge market and a few companies really run the show. POC is one of those companies. With their insane attention to detail, POC produces some of the most comfortable and good looking safety gear on the market. Our buddy Nehru recently purchased the POC Tectal Race Helmet. Let's see what he thought:

Nehru’s Review

The POC Tectal race helmet is an excellent clam-shell style half faced helmet. It is highly protected and very comfortable around the head, including very comfortable helmet pads and a durable strap that sits nicely without kinking up or smashing into my ear. The extra coverage around the back and at the temples makes this helmet feel very safe and well fitted. It has an aramid-bridge design which is a kevlar like material that makes this helmet way safer since it has better impact absorption. The aramid weave and the POC spin system is what makes this helmet very safe. The spin system takes the rotational force of your head during an impact so your brain doesn’t lag behind your skull, which can lead to concussions. The EPS Foam is also quite thick and offers protection during crashes.

POC Tectal Helmet Rider Review

I love the small details the Tectal Race has. The smooth sun peak mechanism and the goggle clips are what makes this helmet phenomenal. The dial-in the back of the helmet is well-built and helps a lot when trying to make the helmet tighter. The wheel is kind of hard to use with gloves while riding since the dial is half-hidden in the helmet. The built-in Recco system is a bonus since it is commonly used in ski and snowboarding equipment and uncommonly used in bike equipment. The system is very reassuring if you get into any trouble in the mountains. The big vents make it very comfortable to ride in hot weather as the sun peak scoops the air into the large vents. The fit uni-body and is very good. It sits well on my head and I don’t feel any pressure points or hot spots while riding with this helmet.

As for the goggle strap, it holds the goggles in place very well. The helmet can also fit goggles in nicely, matching the curve of the goggles. The helmet is definitely not the lightest out there but compared to most others it doesn’t feel like a bowling ball on your head. The price tag could be less but with all the features and safety that come with this helmet, I wouldn’t argue about it. The helmet was shipped very well and was ready to use right away. I had a fit issue but Worldwide Cyclery customer service rocks! Some cons are that the spin technology padding is scarce in the back of the helmet.

POC Tectal Helmet Rider Review


“The conclusion is that this helmet has a high price tag and a high amount of details that make this helmet all come together. I love this helmet and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a very safe half face helmet. It has been one of my favorite helmets for all-around use on the trails.” - Nehru

POC Tectal RACE Helmet Review

August 04, 2020

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