WTB Volt Saddle - Chromoly: Rider Review

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WTB has been around longer than most of us have been alive. With these years of experience, WTB has managed to work its way to the top of the saddle market by producing the best product for racers and weekend warriors alike. This is why their saddles can be seen al bike of ll prices and all levels, stock or custom-built. Our boy Jeremy recently upgraded to the notorious Volt Saddle from WTB. Let's see what he thought!

Jeremy's Review:

The shipping was very quick. Upon arrival in the package it like a nice quality saddle. It was firm but squishy in all the right places. I was a bit annoyed however that the manufacturer decided to place a sticker on the actual seat surface. Who does that? That’s what the packaging is for. In my excitement, I quickly went work getting it on my Kona Process 153 and just as I suspected the stickers adhesive remained stuck to the seat NOOOOOO! I raced out to the garage and quickly pulled out the heat gun. Ten frustrating and unnecessary minutes later the goo was gone, and the saddle was as it should have been. After loosening the rail 2 bolts, on to the KS Lev it went. The install was smooth like a saddle install should be. Quality-wise, it seems to be manufactured well. The vinyl covering isn’t slick and holds you in place but it's not too overly grippy. My butt bones appreciate the gel padding and I’m sure the entry-level saddle wouldn’t have felt as comfortable. I’m not a weight weeny so the Chromoly was not a requirement. If there was a steel rail with gel I would have purchased it and put the saved money into another component or more may be more safety padding for myself.

WTB Volt Saddle Review at Worldwide Cyclery

My old seat was a Race Face Aeffect that was a little flashy for me and the comfort was okay. The flat surface would at times put pressure in uncomfortable places. I ended up purchasing padded shorts because my skills often leave me laying in the dirt and fortunately the shorts eliminated the soreness on longer rides. After a crash that I assume bent the rails on the Race Face it was time for a new seat. The local riders recommended I give the WTB Volt a try. My longest ride so far has been around the block and down some stairs a couple of times. It feels nice and comfortable and I don’t feel the same pressure points from my boniness. I’m excited to get out of the cold and snow for my upcoming trip to St. George, Utah to really put it to the test.


"I could have purchased some cheapy Amazon or eBay special since I usually wear the shorts so comfort wasn’t a huge concern but World Wide Cyclery’s prices were terrific like always and with the super % off coupon from a prior purchase I picked up the middle-grade seat just for the gel rather than the entry-level. Because for a few dollars more, why not upgrade right? I’m very satisfied with it so far and only time will tell how durable it is and if it can withstand my squidly riding." - Jeremy

WTB Volt Saddle Review at Worldwide Cyclery

April 01, 2020

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