OneUp Components EDC Tool: Rider Review

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Multi-tools should be just as important as all those high-end parts that are on your bike. Imagine you're out on a ride and snap a chain or flat a tire. Your pretty AXS drivetrain might as well be a paperweight if you can't salvage the ride. That's where the Oneup EDC Tool comes in handy. Check out a review by a fellow rider, Preston, to see why you should be carrying one too!


In an effort to keep as little as possible on my body when riding, I try to keep as much on my bike as I can without adding a ridiculous amount of weight to my bike in odd places. I feel like some things are necessary for every ride, such as a spare tube, snacks, water, and tools. A tube can be fitted on the frame using a small strap, snacks fit nicely in my shorts, water on my bottle cage and in my bib liner if it’s hot enough, but what about tools? I probably could find some type of large bag to hold tools on my bike, but I’m not sure where I would find the space to do so and it seems like more of a headache than a convenience to me. Fortunately for me (and you), OneUp Components makes a pretty nifty little tool setup called the EDC (Everyday Carry) system that drops into your fork steerer tube, providing easy access to bike tools on every ride 

OneUp Components EDC tool: Rider Review

Included Tools 

The EDC tool comes equipped with 2,3,4,5,6,8 hex keys, T25 Torx, flathead screwdriver, spoke keys, tire lever, lockring tool, and a chain breaker tool. It also has two small holes that allow you to snap a quick link into them. Knowing that you have access to an assortment of necessary tools and some spares when you’re riding brings a lot of peace of mind for those long days out on the trails!

OneUp Components EDC tool: Rider Review


Installing the EDC tool couldn’t be easier. You simply need a tap kit which is basically idiot-proof and easy to use. You simply just use the tap kit and an allen key together to thread the steerer to match up with the threads of the EDC Top Cap. If you can read a little bit and follow simple instructions, you literally couldn’t mess it up if you tried. If you don’t want to thread your steerer tube like I did, OneUp makes a Top Cap and Preload kit that allows you to run the tool without altering your fork. Additionally, if the thought of carrying tools in your steerer tube isn’t in your interest then you can always purchase their pump setup which provides the same tools along with a pump that straps to your bike. If you do decide to go with fork storage, be sure to check OneUp’s compatibility chart, as some forks might not work with the system, or might only be partially compatible. In my case, my 2019 RockShox Yari is partially compatible, which means that it allows the tool, but doesn’t allow me to run a co2 cartridge with my EDC tool. Because of this, I replaced the extra space with this OneUp Plug and Pliers kit. Speaking of that, WWC sells combo kits with all of the necessary parts and pieces that you might want, minus the tap kit for installation. For instance, this kit comes with the EDC tool, EDC Top Cap, and Plug and Plier kit. You can also get different colored top caps to customize your ride! I have the gold top cap to accent my bars and stem.

OneUp Components EDC tool: Rider Review

Final Thoughts

For all of you that want the convenience of carrying tools without having to worry about forgetting them at home or having to carry them on your person while riding, OneUp Components provides great products to do so! I’m more than happy with my setup and it has already saved my friends and I on more than one occasion in recent weeks.

 OneUp Components EDC tool: Rider Review

March 31, 2020

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