Onyx MTB Rear Hub: Rider Review

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There are a lot of mountain bike rear hub designs out there. With only a few out there that have high engagement pawls. There is a company that has done something really different though. Our friend Brent shares his thoughts on the Onyx MTB rear hub. Check it out!

Onyx MTB Rear Hub Rider Review


I've been riding mountain bikes downhills for 16+ years, raced for about twelve of them, and worked in bike shops for another six. I've consistently ridden some of the latest and greatest products over those years. During those years there are only a few products that I threw on my bike for the first time and instantly had that product change my riding experience for the better. Within the last 5 or so years, I would say twelve-speed drivetrains and dropper posts are at the top of the list. I have immediately added the silent Onyx MTB rear hubs to that list. We've seen in the past few years more trick bike hacks to eliminate dreaded chain slap on the World Cup downhill circuit because we all know how awesome a quiet bike feels between our legs. However, during that time it seemed like the trend was for rear hubs to buzz louder and louder in the move towards faster and faster engagement. Who doesn't love faster engagement? I know I do, but for me, there was a cost. I could not stand the buzz that would follow you in the Hope, I9 and Chris King hubs of the world. Onyx broke that trend for me and I will not be looking back.

Onyx MTB Rear Hub Rider Review
I've been riding on a silent Onyx rear hub for one year now and every bike I will own in the future will have them on it, as well. I live and ride in the Pacific Northwest, often ride alone. The sense of riding your favorite loamy trail alone in the forest when dirt conditions are perfect is second to none. Having that silent Onyx rear hub heightens that sense so much more that I could have imagined. Smashing trails while only listening to your buttery suspension cycle through, your tires hook up with every corner and loud "WOOOO" bursts is an experience to behold.


  • Silent (heightens the riding experience)
  • Instant engagement (faster acceleration)
  • Low rolling resistance (holds speed better than standard pawl system hubs)
  • Low maintenance (the product works day in and day out)


  • Relatively expensive (meh it's worth it)
  • Weight (I ride a 36lb Commencal Meta AM29, I clearly don't care)

Final Thoughts

If you're a rider that can sacrifice a little cash and weight in favor of an overall heightened one on one experience with your mountain bicycle...then BUY THIS HUB!

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April 02, 2020

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