WTB Speed ProGel Black Saddle with Steel Rails: Customer Review

Need a bit more saddle comfort on those long rides? The WTB Speed ProGel saddle might be the saddle you're looking for. Our customer Steve Williams gives us his take on this great saddle.

WTB Speed ProGel saddle

I recently got into mountain biking. I don't have much money and my mechanic skills are pretty good but mainly relate to lawn and garden equipment. I figured if I got a cheap bike,  liked it, and rode enough I'd upgrade components as my skills demanded it. The cheapest bike I could get was a 2018 Trek Marlin 5 hardtail. I traded air miles for it so it cost me $0 dollars. I figured that left me about $500 to put into components as I got better. 

WTB Speed ProGel saddle
After about 150 miles, even as a beginner I could easily tell my ass hurt. I could actually tell after 10 miles but I suffered through it. The tires that came on the bike also wore out quickly. The Bontrager gear was not up to the task. I learned about Worldwide Cyclery from watching YouTubers like BKXC. I thought I would shoot them an email and ask for suggestions on good tires based on my riding. Alex Robbins answered me right back suggesting the Maxxis Ikons. I picked out the WTB Speed ProGel saddle myself as a low cost yet well-reviewed option.
WTB Speed ProGel saddle
After putting another 100 miles on the saddle and the tires, I can say I haven't thought about my ass since the seat went on and the tires are holding up great. They are perfect for the easier XC trails and loose over hard riding I do. The tires roll fast and have great grip to give me the confidence I need as I learn and progress. The seat is nice and comfortable to keep me riding longer. Now my legs wear out before my ass, which is the way it should be!
WTB Speed ProGel saddle

Final Thoughts

I'd highly recommend any new rider to invest in a nice set of tires and a good saddle. It just makes learning that much easier. They are an inexpensive upgrades that are easy to do without fancy tools or in-depth mechanic skills.

I just got my next upgrade from Worldwide Cyclery. I've made it to blue trails and need some new pedals to keep my feet from slipping off. Black Race Face Chesters are going on before my next ride! Looking forward to many more upgrades as I get better, next step forks?

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August 23, 2018

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