Transition Bikes New 2019 Full-Suspension Lineup (The Best Just Got Better)

In 2017-18, Transition Introduced SBG, and if you do not know what that is, then you can educate yourself with this overview. SBG was a breakthrough in the MTB world and riders finally had the geometry they wanted. Something fast, something long, and something low. How could it get any better? Well, it can't really get any better and that is why Transition hasn't changed the geometry. All they changed was the colors. Oh, and they now offer the notorious Patrol in a carbon version once again! Let's take a look at the fresh line of Transition bikes for 2019.

Transition Bikes 2019 Lineup

2019 Transition Sentinel

First up is the Transition Sentinel. The Sentinel is a long-traveled 29er (160/140mm travel) enduro shred sled. The Sentinel comes in both an alloy and carbon version so riders of all price points have the option to ride the bike of their dreams. New for 2019 is a Matte Pinot Noir Red... We have been calling it Ron Burgundy. The Sentinel is still offered in a Gun Metal Grey color like we saw last year.

Transition Sentinel 2019 Alloy 2019Transition Sentinel 2019 Carbon Red

2019 Transition Patrol

Next up is the Transition Patrol. The Patrol also falls under the enduro category (170/160mm travel) and has actually won the title of "Bike of the Year" two years in a row. With the new SBG technology, Transition kept the first production models alloy but now that SBG is tried and true, the Patrol is now offered in a carbon option. You won't see any wagon wheels on this pony. No, the Patrol comes with 27.5" wheels to keep the stoke high. It is now offered in a very clean Matte Sagebrush Grey, which almost disguises the bike as a tank. Nevermind it's not a disguise, it is actually a tank. They have also brought back the Matte TR Blue we fell in love with on the first Carbon Patrol before SBG was introduced.

Transition Patrol 2019 Carbon Green

Transition Patrol 2019 Carbon Blue

2019 Transition Scout

Next, we have the Transition Scout. This is the al'rounder of Transitions lineup. Slightly shorter travel at 150/130mm, this 27.5" wheeled stallion is a pure fun-havin' machine. The Scout is still only offered in an alloy version and the only change is the colors. For 2019 you will see the Scout rolling around in a very subtle Slate Blue and Matte Desert Tan.

Transition Scout 2019 Alloy Tan

Transition Scout 2019 Alloy Blue

2019 Transition Smuggler

This leaves us with the Transition Smuggler. The Smuggler is a mid-travel 29'er (140/120mm) that has become the shop favorite in the past couple of months. Just about half of the shop has made the switch over and for good reason. If you are wanting to ride a long distance, or get rowdy on the local jump line, it can do it all. The Smuggler is offered in a carbon version and the colors have changed for 2019. It will now be offered in a Matte Outlaw Orange and a Matte Black Powder.

Transition Smuggler 2019 Carbon Black

Transition Smuggler 2019 Carbon Orange

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August 22, 2018

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