Syntace Megaforce 2 Mountain Stem: Rider Review

Finding the right stem for is as much about finding the right length and rise, as it is as finding a design and style that suits your bike. Syntace is a brand that tends to fly under the radar but their products are top notch. In this review, our customer Khai picks up the Megaforce stem for his bike. Check it out!

Syntace Megaforce Stem Review 1


What’s in a stem? Some want the bling of a particular name or a Skittles rainbow of anodized colors, but if it doesn’t put your bars in the right position it’s worthless. The Megaforce line is available in a wide variety of lengths [30|40|50|60|70] and the +/- 6 degrees put my bars right where I want them (-6 for me).

Syntace Megaforce Stem Review

First Impressions

I’ve liked Syntace products for a long time and their machining and tolerances are remarkably tight. While they don’t offer a rainbow of color choices to match your anodized hubs and seat post collar, they DO offer a bomb proof product that’s very well made - and priced well considering what it is. The fit and finish are perfect. Everything about it feels quality and I have full confidence in their manufacturing and QC. The “stem side” of the clamp extends further than the centerline of the bar, directing forces into the stem itself rather than the face of the clamp – in theory lightening the load on the bolts that keep your face off the ground.

Syntace Megaforce Stem Review


These bad boys are 3D forged and carry a 10yr warranty. I remember a Syntace recall once, maybe 15 years ago on an F-99 stem I had and they replaced the product worldwide and hooked me up with a nice torque wrench for my trouble. All I had to do was send in a pic with the SN and then another of the stem sawed in half (they were serious about not wanting anyone to use it!)

I’m not much to care about weight, but this is a lighter option than most and will keep you confident when boosting a jump or dropping to flat. For comparison, my Chromag Ranger stem is heavier and I doubt if it’s any stronger or stiffer. I use this on my 160/160 AM/Enduro bike that sees occasional park duty and never worry about the strength or integrity of the stem. Blasting through rock gardens, sending drops to flat, or falling off North Shore skinnies (D’oh!) is not a worry – and unlike carbon, it can take a hit should you find yourself (or your bike) inverted.

Syntace Megaforce Stem Review

Final Thoughts

Syntace doesn’t get as much love as some of the other high profile manufacturers – be they Chromag, Spank, RaceFace, Renthal, etc. – but it’s worth considering; particularly if you want a very short stem as not many companies offer the 30mm length.

Shipping from Worldwide Cyclery was fast and free, and the price was fair. Assuming at 6 degrees that the Megaforce 2 Stem suits your needs for angulation, it’s a winner for sure.

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June 27, 2019

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