Ultimate Review Guide: Rockshox Lyrik Fork

Earlier this spring, Rockshox launched their new Signature series which includes the new Boxxer, Lyrik, Pike, and Sid forks alongside the Super Deluxe, Super Deluxe Coil, and Deluxe rear shocks. This new lineup of suspension products is a continued effort by Rockshox to reduce friction and increase durability. In this Ultimate Guide, we are diving in to the Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate fork in particular.  Here we have compiled some of the latest reviews on the new Lyrik along with all the technical information you need to get up to speed. Check out our video covering the full Rockshox Signature Series

RockShox Lyrik Ultimate Review Guide

Photo by Klemen Humar / Unior Devinci Factory Racing

Rockshox Lyrik Specifications 

The 2020 Rockshox Lyrik gets a number of small tweaks and updates from its previous iteration. The Lyrik now uses the Charger 2.1 damper with revised high speed and low speed compression tunes all in an effort to give you a more controlled and comfortable feel through big compressions. The split glide ring in the Charger 2 damper is now replaced with what Rockshox is calling a piston wearband in the Charger 2.1 and prevents oil from bypassing the damping circuit during rebound. Rockshox is now using Maxima Plush oil inside the Charger 2.1 damper to reduce friction, offer more consistent damping, and perform over longer service intervals. The 2020 Lyrik is also using new SKF dust wipers and a damper seal head in a continued effort to reduce friction.

RockShox Lyrik Ultimate Review Guide

RockShox Lyrik Ultimate Review Guide

Worldwide Cyclery Overview

"While we don’t have much time on the new Lyrik, we have ridden the Charger 2.1 and if it rides anything like the Pike, it's sure to have the same benefits and be an amazing fork. From talking other riders who were lucky enough to get time on the new Lyrik, they are overly stoked and felt many of the new characteristics felt in the Pike, namely higher ride height and smoother actuation."

Check out our video covering the all new Rockshox Signature Series!

RockShox Lyrik Ultimate Review Guide

From left to right: The Rockshox Lyrik Select, Lyrik Select+, and the Lyrik Ultimate RCT3

Pinkbike First Ride

Pinkbike compares the 2019 and 2020 Lyrik back to back - "After a few laps with the 2019 fork, the swap was made to the 2020 version. The initial part of the trail was relatively smooth, other than a few fun-sized jumps, and the difference between the to forks wasn't readily apparent. But once things got rockier, and the size of the impacts increased, the new model felt noticeably calmer. It wasn't drastic, but it felt like the fork had a lighter action, and was better able to handle those bigger hits without using up all of its travel."

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Mountain Bike Rider (MBR) Review

MBR reviews the 2020 Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate fork - "We’re still impressed that RockShox has been able to made the best enduro fork on the market that little bit better though. You can use full travel easier without compromising support and it still has the best small bump sensitivity going. Factor in the more useable range of high-speed damping adjustment and the 2020 RockShox Lyrik Ultimate is the enduro fork to which all others will be measured."

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RockShox Lyrik Ultimate Review Guide

Bike Radar Review

Bike Radar's verdict - "Overall, the difference between the 2019 and 2020 Lyrik is subtle but welcome, especially if you value comfort most. The best news is that if you have an older Lyrik and want more sensitivity, the seals and damping oil can be cheaply upgraded when your fork is serviced. If you want a softer high-speed feel, the Charger 2.1 damper is available as an upgrade for Lyrik and Yari. The 2019 Lyrik RC2 was, in my opinion, already the best enduro fork on the market, and the 2020 version is better still. What the other manufacturers have in store for model-year 2020 is yet to be seen."

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RockShox Lyrik Ultimate Review Guide

Photo by Klemen Humar / Unior Devinci Factory Racing

Enduro Mountain Bike Mag Review

Enduro Mag reviews the new Rockshox Ultimate Series - "The improvements make perfect sense on paper. We were already convinced of the performance of the old Lyrik and PIKE, but we’re obviously happy to welcome any little improvement. And the fact that all the updates are backwards compatible is a big plus. We’ll have to wait and see how much better the new Lyrik Ultimate performs compared to the predecessor – fortunately, there’s one already on its way to us."

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Pro Riders Damien Oton and Dakotah Norton Talk Charger 2.1 Damper

Damien Oton - "The big change was the rebound, it changed the precision on the trail. When you’re more precise on the trail, you go where you want, that makes you more confident and lets you relax mentally. The new Lyrik makes me so confident."

Dalotah Norton - "The big thing with this damper is that it’s really consistent all the way through, like when you run the compression, it never really gets harsh or chattery. I’m really impressed with how much grip I am able to get while getting support in the fork. There aren’t a ton of clicks, just five, but that’s the big thing, the changes are super noticeable, but still subtle. You’re going to notice you made a change, but at the same time, the changes aren’t so drastic that you’re going to wish you were in between clicks."

RockShox Lyrik Ultimate Review Guide

The Charger 2.1 damper is redesigned for 2020

MTB Mag Review

MTB Mag's thoughts - "What’s interesting though is how the high speed compression (HSC) has been recalibrated, making it less “hard” at the start. The number of clicks of the knob has remained the same, but even when closing it completely, you will not reach the same level as the 2019 Lyrik. The HSC is one of the main factors when it comes to fatigue at the end of a descent, because it controls fast compressions and extensions of the fork, starting with small ones and affecting everything up to landing drops. In any case, with the new tune, Rockshox gives a nod to the rider who is also looking for comfort from the fork and not just performance."

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June 10, 2019

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