Ultimate Review Guide: Fox 34 Fork (The Best Mid Travel Fork?) [Video]


Fox says that the new 34 is "designed for the aggressive trail rider, the Factory Series 34 features a FIT4 damper, FLOAT air spring, and super lightweight chassis. Starting at only 3.92 pounds, the 34 provides proven trail performance that instills confidence and control." The Fox 34 is a great matchup for any trail bike and can be suited for all different type of rides. In this Ultimate Review Guide, we have all you need to know about the Fox 34 fork. You will find all the most popular reviews, important technical information, and killer custom builds!
Ultimate Review Guide Fox 34 Fork

Worldwide Cyclery Review

A great place to start is our very own Fox 34 vs. Rockshox Pike comparison! Here is our verdict - " Fox stepped up their game and came out swinging with the 2016 Float 34. It handled awesome and had a very comfortable feel but at the same time it was progressive just like you would want it to be and just like the Pike. It was incredible through the slow sections and handled the terrain just as well in the fast sections and it never skipped a beat. At end of the ride, both forks left you feeling fresh and with a smile on your face, so it's hard to say which fork is better. Our verdict is that either way you go you will be stoked and you can't go wrong with either of these forks."

Fox Website

For all of the technical specifications on the 34 fork, check out ridefox.com. Here you will find information about the Factory Series, Performance Elite, and Performance Series forks.

Both the Fox 34 and 36 were revamped for 2018, now featuring the same EVOL air spring system used on the Fox 40. With the all new EVOL Air spring, riders should notice an increase in suppleness. Fox has changed the location of the air transfer point and in doing so, has increased the volume of the negative spring which, at the beginning of the travel, places more force against the positive air chamber. This should create a more linear feeling in the initial part of the stroke.

Ultimate Review Guide Fox 34 Fork video blog

Ultimate Review Guide Fox 34 Fork video blog

Custom painted lowers for founder and CEO, Jeff Cayley.

Pinkbike Review

Pinkbike's take - "The 36 and 40 have received the lion's share of FOX's attention over the last few years, so it was high time that they took the 34 back to the drawing board. What they came back with is impressive. If you skipped all the tech talk and riding impressions typed out above, all you really need to know is this: the new Factory Series Float 34 offers damping performance on par with FOX's much-heralded 36 RC2 forks and RockShox's Pike, but in a sub-4lb package. I'd also argue that, as good as it is, the 36 is overkill for many riders, and that's where the 34 should come in - its FIT4 damper is a thing of beauty in action, and it's an overall lighter weight package that just makes sense."

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Vital MTB Review

Vital MTB takes a closer look at the latest Fit4 damper featured in the Fox 34. Here's the bottom line. "Since its introduction, the FOX FIT4 line of forks has provided incredibly quiet, smooth, supple performance with enough support to keep things in check when the going gets rowdy. Moving into 2017 things get even better with an updated FIT4 damper tune. Based on our ride experience, the new tune is a marginal improvement for all riders thanks to improved comfort at the recreational level and superior traction and control for hard chargers. Finding a middle of the road damping configuration that works for a wide range of riders is no doubt a difficult task, and we feel this new tune better addresses the needs of both ends of the spectrum."

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Ultimate Review Guide Fox 34 Fork video blog

Mountain Bike Rider Review

Mountain Bike Rider's final thoughts - "Light and affordable would normally be enough to win any grouptest, but the overall ride quality of the Fox 34 is actually better than any of its rivals too. If you want the best performing mid-travel trail fork in either 27.5 or 29in wheelsize, this is definitely the one we’d recommend."

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Dirt Mountain Bike Review

Dirt says that with the latest 34, Fox is back and the 34 is a beautiful piece of engineering.

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Bike Radar Review

Bike Radar's verdict - "The trickle-down technology from the 36 series is a welcome addition to the Fox 34 Float line. While aggressive riders, along with many of our own testers, found previous iterations of the 34 lacking in terms of mid-stroke support, the latest 34 Float delivers sensitivity and increased support in a lighter, more tunable package."

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Ultimate Review Guide Fox 34 Fork video blog


Fox Float Air Spring Technical Video


Fox FIT4 Damper Technical Video

Ultimate Review Guide Fox 34 Fork video blog
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March 10, 2019

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