Crank Brothers Stamp 7 Large Pedals: Rider Review

If you've been considering getting some new flat pedals then you have to check out what our friend Daniel has to say about the Crank Brothers Stamp 7 Large Pedals. He has painstakingly tested a number of popular flat pedals to make sure that he is riding the best flat pedals he could find. Check out what he has to say below!

Why Flat Pedals?

 I've been riding clipless pedals for a long time and recently switched back to flat pedals because I suspected, and have since confirmed, that I had developed some bad riding and jumping habits due to clipless pedals. Having ridden a few different brands and styles of pedals in an attempt to find what felt best, the Crankbrothers Stamp 7 pedal is the one that's going to be attached to my cranks for the foreseeable future for a couple of reasons.

Why Crank Brothers?

First, the size option. I am stomping around in size 12 shoes, the extra large platform of the Crank Brothers Stamp 7 Large Pedal was the only one I sampled that provided support for my entire foot. Coming off of riding clipless pedals, I really like the foot-planted feel these pedals offer, especially because they came with 10mm pins. Aside from the grip, the large platform provides enough direct foot support that it greatly reduced the aching I would get in my feet on long descents from riding smaller pedals where my foot was extending beyond the pedal on both toe and heel sides and being forced into an upside down “U” shape which caused an annoying dull, aching pain in my feet. To me, this alone was worth the money .

Crank Brother Stamp 7 Large Pedal



Another reason I chose the Stamp 7 over other pedals, is the low profile of the pedal. I ride on trails where rock strikes are a frequent problem, and the thin body of the pedal was definitely a selling point for me. While the pedal is thin, its not extremely thin, and the spindles have proven extremely stiff and strong enough to handle aggressive riding along with a few solid strikes. While trusting thin pedal spindle integrity is something I came across in researching pedals, the 5-year warranty Crank Brothers provides for these pedals definitely is reassuring that the pedals are not only well engineered but can be trusted not to let you down on the trails.

Another reason I’m running these pedals is the “neutral” gap/distance between the inside of the pedal platform and the crank arm; the gap is not wide, like the Stamp 3 or DMR V12, or flush against the crank like the Spike Ozzy pedal, and the gap distance is ideal for my natural riding position which is a definite confidence booster when plowing through rugged terrain.

Crank Brother Stamp 7 Large Pedal



The only aspects of the Stamp 7 pedal I could be critical about is the price tag (however I suppose all low profile, high-end pedals are in the $150 zone) and a small issue that I’ve experienced is when attempting to passing through narrow rock gaps. While the large platforms are definitely an advantage the vast majority of the time, I have literally gotten wedged between rocks I always cleared when riding clipless or with other platform pedals, width-wise with my pedals in a neutral position because of the (extra) large platforms and the additional width that comes with it. No doubt this is not an every-trail issue, but definitely something to consider if you ride a lot of tight trails with obstacles under handlebar-high in height.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I’d give the Stamp 7 Large pedals a 9/10 overall, and I definitely prefer these flats over the three other pedals I have been able to sample over the past few months. The Stamp 7 Large just happens to check almost every box that my body-type, riding conditions and style call for. If you’re in the market for a set of higher-end platform pedals, and you have big feet, you can't really go wrong with the Stamp 7’s.

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March 10, 2019

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