Ultimate Review Guide: Evil The Following

In this edition of our Ultimate Guide series, we have put together everything you need to know on the Evil The Following. From technical information, trustworthy reviews, and some of our killer custom builds, this will get you up to speed on the Evil The Following. Evil is a brand with an attitude and that attitude is focused on building the best bikes possible with style. You can see pro rider Luke Strobel pushing all of Evil's bikes to limit!

Evil The Following - Worldwide Cyclery

Custom Build: Evil The Following MB Mounted with a 140mm Fox 36 Factory Orange Fork

2018 Evil The Following MB Technical Information

The second iteration of The Following came with The Following MB (More Better).  This new model gets a little bit longer and stiffer, while still featuring the same 120mm rear wheel travel. All of Evil's full suspension bikes are centered around the Delta system designed by suspension guru Dave Weagle. Dave has quite the resume, having designed the suspension system for bikes like the Iron Horse Sunday, the DW link seen on Pivot and Turner bikes, and Devinci's Split Pivot design. The Delta system allows Evil to achieve a complex leverage rate curve that can be used to tune for different terrain and the intended use of different models

The Following MB now uses a Rockshox Super Deluxe rear shock with metric sizing. The shock uses a Trunion style top mount, a traditional 20mm x 8mm bottom eyelet, 165mm eye to eye length, and 45mm stroke length. For more info on these new shock configurations ,find our Ultimate Guide on metric shock sizing and blog on measuring rear shocks.

Ultimate Review Guide: Evil The Following - Worldwide Cyclery

Delta System, Integrated Sag Meter, Trunion Mounted Metric Rockshox Super Deluxe Shock

The Following MB uses an integrated upper chainguide similar to those seen on The Wreckoning, The Insurgent, and The Calling. This integrated chainguide will secure your chain regardless of the single ring you are using right out of the box. Evil also offers a custom E*Thirteen lower guide that mounts to the ISCG 05 tabs on the frame, giving you a bash guard and optional lower pulley.

  • Wheel Size: 29" or 27.5+
  • Rear Wheel Travel: 120mm
  • Frame Sizes: S, M, L, XL (See Size Chart Below)
  • Rear Shock: 165mm x 45mm. Trunion top mount, 20mm x 8mm bottom eyelet
  • Rear Wheel: 148mm x 12mm Boost
  • Seatpost: 30.9mm
  • Headset: FSA Integrated Tapered No. 58/68 Upper 44mm Lower 62mm Tapered OD
  • Bottom Bracket: 73mm Threaded
  • Chainguide Type: Integrated Upper Chainguide. ISCG 05 Lower
  • Single Ring 1X Drivetrain Only
  • Maximum Chainring Size: 36 Tooth
  • Minimum Chainring Size: 30 Tooth / 32 Oval

Evil The Following - Worldwide Cyclery


Evil The Following - Worldwide Cyclery

A - Head Angle Low 67.4° 67.4° 67.4° 67.4°
Head Angle X-Low 66.8° 66.8° 66.8° 66.8°
B - Seat Tube Angle Low 74.3° 74.3° 74.3° 74.3°
Seat Tube Angle X-Low 73.7° 73.7° 73.7° 73.7°
C - Virtual Top Tube Length 582mm | 22.93" 605mm | 23.80" 622mm | 24.48" 641mm | 25.25"
D - Seat Tube Length 381mm | 15.00" 432mm | 17.00" 470mm | 18.50" 508mm | 20.00"
E - Bottom Bracket Height Low 338mm | 13.31" 338mm | 13.31" 338mm | 13.31" 338mm | 13.31"
Bottom Bracket Height X-Low 330mm | 12.99" 330mm | 12.99" 330mm | 12.99" 330mm | 12.99"
F - Head Tube Length 90mm | 3.54" 110mm | 4.33" 110mm | 4.33" 120mm | 4.72"
G - Chain Stay Length Low 430mm | 16.93" 430mm | 16.93" 430mm | 16.93" 430mm | 16.93"
Chain Stay Length X-Low 432mm | 17.00" 432mm | 17.00" 432mm | 17.00" 432mm | 17.00"
H - Wheel Base Low 1135mm | 44.69" 1159mm | 45.63" 1177mm | 46.34" 1197mm | 47.13"
Wheel Base X-Low 1136mm | 44.72" 1160mm | 45.67" 1178mm | 46.38" 1198mm | 47.17"
I - Standover 696mm | 27.40" 709mm | 27.91" 721mm | 28.39" 733mm | 28.86"
J - Axle to Crown 531mm | 20.91" 531mm | 20.91" 531mm | 20.91" 531mm | 20.91"
K - Offset 51mm | 2.01" 51mm | 2.01" 51mm | 2.01" 51mm | 2.01"
Stack 590mm | 23.23" 608mm | 23.94" 608mm | 23.94" 617mm | 24.29"
Reach 418mm | 16.46" 435mm | 17.13" 452mm | 17.80" 470mm | 18.50"

Size Chart

Stem Length 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm
Stem Rise
Handlebar Rise 35mm 35mm 35mm 35mm
Handlebar Width 780mm-820mm 780mm-820mm 780mm-820mm 780mm-820mm
Crank Length 170mm 170mm 170mm 170mm
Sizing 5'3" - 5'8" 5'8" - 6'0" 6'0" - 6'4" 6'4" + 

Worldwide Cyclery Review

Worldwide Cyclery Crew Member thoughts - "All in all I was super stoked with the Evil Following! It definitely lived up to its expectation, if not surpassed it. I would highly recommend this bike to anyone looking to go out and have a great time on the trail or even to someone who wants to go charge it at a race. This bike fits all different riding types and styles. I am totally sold on the quality of construction from Evil and can’t wait to get my hands on the Insurgent when it comes out. I’m a true Evil fan after getting out on this bike and would recommend the Evil Following to anyone!"

Rear full Worldwide Cyclery Review

Evil Bikes Website

For more technical information, build kit options, and Evil apparel, head over to evil-bikes.com to get a head start. Make sure to check out some of their sweet videos.

Pinkbike First Look

Pinkbike's Take - "Done properly, short travel and slack angled 29ers can be absolute riots to ride. Kona's Process 111 and Banshee's Phantom both left us impressed with their on-trail performance when we tested them, which is why we'll be putting the miles in on The Following in the near future to see how it stacks up against the other contenders in this category."

Read the full Pinkbike article on the original The Following

Ultimate Review Guide: Evil The Following - Worldwide Cyclery

Custom Build: Evil The Following featuring 120mm Rockshox Pike

Evil the Following

Vital MTB Review

Vital MTB's bottom line - "We weren't joking when we said Evil's The Following isn't a 29er for efficiency, it's a 29er for mowing over shit. This distinction sets it apart from other bikes with similar amounts of travel and geometry numbers. Skilled riders willing to give up a little control to the bike will be surprised with its consistency, momentum, and ability to recover from typically wild on-trail scenarios. Evil's progressive Delta System suspension works wonders in this application, providing a bottomless feel that allows you to let loose on more sections. While not our first choice for all day outings, this is a bike you can throw around and have fun on, and that's what we live for. Embrace it. Ride it hard. Let it drift a bit. Drop a foot in the turns. Jump stuff and pull up at every chance..."

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Bike Mag Review

Bike Mag's thoughts - "While updating the shock and mounting style, Evil slightly changed leverage rate to prevent bottoming, since it's likely people will be riding these things quite hard. Oh, and there's room for a water bottle now, which means you can legitimately go enduroing on the MB. Between the two wheel/tire options, the two geometry positions, and messing around with different fork lengths, you can set The Following MB up a whole bunch of ways."

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Ultimate Review Guide: Evil The Following - Worldwide Cyclery

Custom Build: Evil The Following with 130mm Rockshox Pike

Outside Review

The Verdict - "Evil’s The Following proves, once and for all, that 29ers can hold their own in the tightest, techiest, burliest terrain you can throw at them. It’s on a par with the Specialized Enduro, which we still feel is the benchmark long-travel 29er, though thanks to the masterful engineering on the suspension, Evil manages to keep up using a lot less travel. If The Following had come along a year earlier, before the advent of 27+, it would have swept our Gear of the Year awards. As it turned out, the bike was well-loved but overshadowed by plus-size hype. Still, it’s every bit as relevant today and topped the favorite list of about half the riders who tried it."

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Mountain Bike Rider (MBR) Review

"The Following is evil in more than just name — it’s one of the only bikes in years to get me so excited that I’d consider dipping into my own pocket to get one. I now know the correct answer to the 'what bike should I buy?' question every bike tester gets asked on a routine basis. It’s that good."

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Ultimate Review Guide: Evil The Following - Worldwide Cyclery

Custom Build: Evil The Following Paired with Sram Eagle

Teton Gravity Review

The Bottom Line - "At the end of the day, what you really need to take away is that Evil’s game-changing 29’er is a party on wheels. It descends way, way too confidently for a bike with just 120 mm of travel in the rear and 130 up front, and does so with a mix of confidence-inspiring plushness and trail-pumping springiness that is extremely rare and which will have you getting rid of both your short-travel trail bike and longer-travel enduro bike, if that’s something you’re fortunate enough to afford. It is as much of a riot in terrifying tech as it is on a butter-smooth flow trail, can absolutely handle days in the bike park, and if you can stay flexible enough to get as loose as it dares you to, you will feel like that Luke Strobel internet hero you’ve always wanted to be."

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Enduro MTB Mag Review

Enduro Mag's Conclusion - "The Following somehow manages to deliver even more downright daredevilry than its aggressive look hints at. A real wolf in wolves’ clothing, it’s the ultimate bike for riders whose current enduro bike might be on the indirect and lumbering side for certain shreds. Its reliable spec and downhill-orientated geometry make it a bit of a slow-burner on climbs though."

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Bike Radar

Bike Radar's Verdict - "Super-efficient pedalling, adjustable geometry and ultra controlled, speed-breeding suspension make The Following a hardcore game changer – and we don't use that term lightly."

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Evil The Following - Worldwide Cyclery

Luke Strobel Riding The Following #VitalRAW

Evil Bikes - The DELTA System

December 06, 2017

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