Customer Review: Rockymounts Monorail Hitch Rack

In this review, one of our customers breaks down the Rockymounts Monorail hitch rack. Packing plenty of features and value at a fair price, the Rockymounts Monorail seems to be real contender.

Rockymounts Hitch Rack 

This is a review of the Rockymounts Monorail hitch mounted bike rack. This rack has a 2in hitch receiver and it holds two bikes. It will hold all style of bikes, from small BMX and kids bikes, to full suspension adult bikes with 26, 27.5, 29er, 29+ and 5" fat bike tires; all with no contact to the frame. The rack comes out of the box with a long cable lock to lock the bikes to the carrier and also a hitch pin lock to lock the carrier to the vehicle.

As a former employee at a high-end bicycle shop, I've used all different styles of bike racks including roof-mounted, trunk-style and hitch mounted platform/hanging racks. This Rockymounts Monorail bike rack happens to be one of the best looking, but more importantly, well made and sturdy hitch mounted racks I've ever used. It is also relatively lightweight weighing about 20 pounds less than its direct competitors. (And less expensive too!)

Rockymounts Hitch Rack

My initial Impressions were quite good. Very well-made and well-designed. It was also very easy to assemble out of the box. I had the rack fully assembled and mounted in no more than 20 minutes. Once mounted, it was time for a test drive. I mounted my bikes and took it for a spin. Even on rougher roads, the rack and my bikes both seemed very secure and I feel confident putting my precious steeds on it without hesitation. The rack is also very convenient, because even with two bikes mounted you can tilt the rack away to open the hatch.

Overall, I feel this rack represents the best 2-bike hitch platform rack on the market when it comes to cost, quality, features and value. Great bang for the buck. You can't go wrong.

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December 07, 2017

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