TruVativ Descendant 6K Aluminum Eagle Crankset: Rider Review

Although it can sometimes be overlooked, the crankset is a vital part of any custom bike build. The TruVativ Descendant crankset is always a solid choice due to its affordability and great build quality. In this review, our customer Daniel adds one to his custom Evil The Following MB. Check it out!

Truvativ Descendant 6K Crank Rider Review - Bike


I had been gathering some parts to build up a new Evil Following MB frame that I had purchased from you guys. When it came time to decide on cranks I had many options to consider. I had been doing some reading starting with bottom brackets and decided I wanted to go with the SRAM DUB standard. I liked the relative simplicity of the bottom bracket and cranks with this setup and the apparent beefiness of the components. I needed something boost compatible and it was also important that it have, or be compatible with, an eagle chainring. Browsing through the available options at Worldwide Cyclery, I zeroed in on the Truvativ 6k. I loved the look of the cranks, robust and sturdy looking, and the graphics were cool but subtle. I had first seen this crank on Evil's website on one of their stock builds so I knew it would be a good choice.


The install was a breeze. A light coating of grease, slide that sucker in (haha that's what she said) and torqued down the crank arm bolt and I was done. This thing was smooth as butter and silent! Slapped on some pedals and the rest of my SRAM GX drivetrain and I was good to go!

Truvativ Descendant 6K Crank Rider Review - Chainring


I have been riding with these cranks for a few months now I am happy to report that they work flawlessly and I've had no issues. The cranks and bottom bracket are still quiet as a mouse and smooth and haven't required any maintenance. The entire drivetrain works well together and the chainring has held up well showing very little signs of wear. It also sheds mud and dirt well and I haven't had any degradation in shifting performance even when things get sloppy.

Truvativ Descendant 6K Crank Rider Review - Crank

Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend these cranks as a stylish, solid and wallet-friendly option for any build and would also highly recommend the DUB setup for anyone who hasn't tried it.

Truvativ Descendant 6K Crank Rider Review - CTA

March 21, 2019

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