SRAM DUB: Product Overview

Yes, I was right there with everyone, another new BB, spindle interface...just what we needed. When Sram released the new DUB system, it seems like everyone threw a fit. While it's not a new bottom bracket standard, it does change the existing spindles on the market, adding yet another choice when looking for a crank/bottom bracket for your bike. Fortunately, the new Sram DUB crank/bottom bracket should be able to fit just about any mountain bike across the market.

SRAM DUB Product Overview


Specifically looking at the BB92 system, Sram has been able to increase the number of seals, giving you more protection and allowing the least amount of corrosion by changing the spindle size. They found that the new spindle size for DUB is 28.99mm. Yes, you read that right, 28.99mm. While you could call it 29mm, the exact size is 28.99mm. Why the change from their more common BB system of GXP at 22/24mm spindle to 28.99mm? Simply put by Sram, “Our goal for DUB was to achieve three key factors to address that desire from the market. Simplicity, durability and compatibility.” By making the spindle this size, many things are able to be improved such as both internal and external seals, ball bearing size, bearing race thickness, and much more. 

By putting all their focus on designing the crank system around one spindle size that can work with all commonly used BB on the market, SRAM believes this will help make the best drivetrain possible. Pair this to the Eagle system and there are zero sacrifices made.

SRAM DUB Product Overview
While the 28.99mm spindle does seem a bit odd,  with the new DUB system you get a new DUB crank, which is one of the lightest on the market and compatible with almost every bike on the market today. From new superbikes, to your older steel hardtail, every bike can rock a new DUB crank and bottom bracket. With a redesigned bearing system and improved seals, I welcome this new system hoping to see some longevity out of the bearings and possibly fix the pressfit issues.


Looks wise, the crank is very similar to their BB30 offering, by having the spindle attached to the non-drive arm, with an adjustment ring between the spindle and crank arm to preload the bearings. Installing the BB92 bottom bracket on our test bike was nothing out of the ordinary. Pressing in the BB went as expected. Throwing in the crank was predictable as well. The seals are already installed in the bottom bracket, simply just throw the crank in and adjust the preload ring until snug. I felt as if this did not take as much preload as other systems like this. In fact, I ended up tightening it up to be too snug at first, but then I backed it off a bit and was good to go! Spinning freely and looking good!

SRAM DUB Product Overview

First Ride Impressions

While we do not have too much time on this crankset and bottom bracket as of now, I can say that everything is running great. Smooth bearings and no creaking even after some dusty then rainy rides. As for the durability improvement, we just have to wait and see. Luckily we have lots of time on both a BB92 bike with the Sram GXP system and also a Race Face Cinch system, so we have two popular models to compare this to.

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April 27, 2018

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