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Industry Nine makes some of the best mountain bike and road wheels on the market. Known for their high level of machining and aluminum spoke System chassis, these wheels are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. Industry Nine is back again to stoke the fire with their all-new Hydra and 101 hubs. From the outside, the Hydra hubs looks almost identical to the previous generation Torch hubs. It's what happens inside the drive mechanism that makes the Hydra hubs special. The 101 lineup of hubs takes a no-nonsense approach, bringing a lower price point hubset to market with Industry Nine's legendary performance. Check it out!

Industry Nine Hydra and 101 Hubs - Worldwide Cyclery


Industry Nine Hydra - Worldwide Cyclery

THE NEW PHASE OF INDUSTRY NINE is the culmination of innumerable miles on the bike and hours in the shop. An evolution from previous Legacy and Torch drive systems, Industry Nine's new HYDRA drive is a project over two and a half years in the making. Hydra rewrites the rules with a monstrous leap to 690 points of engagement, or .52° between each engagement. The new Hydra drive system raises the bar on hub technology using an independently-phased six pawl, 115 tooth drivering.

Industry Nine Hydra and 101 Hubs - Worldwide Cyclery


New Industry Nine Hydra Hubs - Worldwide Cyclery

The drivering inside the Hydra hubshell uses 115 teeth and is one of the key differences in this new drive mechanism

What's New?

The innovative new design utilizes a continually phased system, creating a procession of engagement points between pawl and drivering. The design utilizes the inherent flex of the axle to accomplish positive second, third or fourth pawl contact. Hydra also tempers uncontrolled axle and bearing movements conventional designs can’t mechanically limit, thus improving bearing life and decreasing resistance. Hydra offers consistent, reliable engagement without overloaded bearings, axles or hub shells. Hydra evolves the performance of Industry Nine's 2019 mountain and fatbike range in both premium System wheelsets and Classic hubs, including our steel spoke S-Series wheels. As always, riders can find their perfect adaptations with a universe of fitment, freehub bodies, hub and spoke colors, wheel models and sizes.

Industry Nine Hydra and 101 Hubs - Worldwide Cyclery

The drive mechanism on the freehub body uses 6 pawls loaded by leaf springs instead of coil springs found on Torch hubs

Check out the Industry Nine Ano Lab to design your very own custom wheelset

There are also a few smaller tweaks that might have previously gone unnoticed. The release of the new hub design gave Industry Nine the opportunity to update their end caps as well. With the original Torch hubs, one of their design flaws was that when you pulled off the end caps to service the hubs, the o-ring that sits inside each end cap had a high chance of tearing or ripping. Now with Hydra, they have updated the drive side end cap to hold a larger o-ring that is intended to be more durable. This is just a small change that certainly improves the quality of these wheels and customer experience. 

Another tip or trick we wanted to include in here is that you can actually tune the sound of your Industry Nine rear hub with what kind of freehub grease you are using inside the drive mechanism. For the loudest hub possible, use a lightweight chain lube to lubricate the driver mechanism, something like Maxima Chain Pro Lube or Finish Line Dry Chain Lube. If you aren't in to the loud ringing noise that you've heard from Industry Nine hubs, try Dumonde Tech Pro Freehub grease. Straight out of the box, Industry Nine uses all Dumonde Tech products to lubricate the freehub body, and their Pro Freehub grease will quiet the rear hub down a lot without any additional drag. Give it a try on your own Industry Nine wheels!

New Industry Nine Hydra Hubs - Worldwide Cyclery

A redesigned drive side end cap uses a larger more durable o-ring and makes the end cap easier to remove

New Industry Nine Hydra Hubs - Worldwide Cyclery

Dumonde Tech Pro Freehub Grease is a drive mechanism lube that will quiet down your new Hydra rear hub if that is your style 

To learn more about everything Industry Nine, check out our Industry Nine Inside Look as we check out their headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina

Industry Nine Hydra and 101 Hubs - Worldwide Cyclery

Confident and capable of cleaning the A-line yet budget-friendly to save up for a season of bucket list rides, the 101 hub stays true to Industry Nine's performance heritage. Featuring a dual phased-pawl drive mechanism accomplishing 90 points of engagements and 4° engagement by way of a six pawl driver and 45 tooth drivering, 101 takes a no-nonsense approach in welcoming riders to Industry Nine. Key specifications found on 101 read like those of hubs well beyond their asking price.

Industry Nine Hydra and 101 Hubs - Worldwide Cyclery


Industry Nine Hydra and 101 Hubs - Worldwide Cyclery

Other Features

Here are a few more of the standout features on the 101 hubset.
• High-load sealed cartridge bearings
• 15mm rear axle to fit all current freehub body options
• Lightning quick 4° engagement
• Service-friendly retained pawls actuated by durable leaf-springs
• A robust protection system using a complex radial lip seal and endcap proximity seals that aren't affected by bearing wear or preload
• Unified service parts across the range. The 101 hubset is machined, anodized and assembled entirely here in our Asheville, NC manufacturing facility. Ongoing investments in expanding CNC production capacity paired with increased manufacturing efficiencies are instrumental in bringing an all new high quality, high performance value option to riders.

Bringing the Industry Nine brand of quality and performance to more riders than ever, 101 will initially be offered as standalone Boost mountain hubsets in 28 or 32 hole options, ISO 6 bolt or Center Lock rotor fit, and HG, XD1, or Micro Spline freehub body options. Complete wheels will be available late spring. High engagement hubs in an innovative and affordable package. Welcome to 101.

Industry Nine Hydra and 101 Hubs - Worldwide Cyclery

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To learn how to maintain and service your own Industry Nine hubs, check out our Mountain Bike How To

March 22, 2019

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