TRP DH-R EVO [Rider Review]

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Brakes are definitely one of the most important components on the bike. The power and modulation play a big part when it comes to confidence on the bike. TRP offers the DHR-Evo brakes for those who are wanting the most out of their brakes. Our friend, Larry, has been running the brakes. See what they think! 


My Yeti SB130 began with a set of Sram Code RSC brakes that performed extremely well. I’ve bounced around through a few setups trying to find my preference the past few years and really felt most at home on Srams brakes after trying Maguras and Shimanos as well.

My Maguras and Shimanos never seemed to stay consistent for longer than a couple of weeks no matter how careful and purposeful I was in bleeding them. The consistency of the Sram stuff won it for me. The stock metallic pads were noisy whenever they got wet but this was addressed by switching to an organic pad compound.


The Sram brakes stayed on the SB130 for a little over a year with no issues. I always like to try new products, however, especially when they seem to be getting great reviews. This is how the TRP DH-R Evos popped up on my radar. I had remembered reading and hearing from a couple of buddies that TRP was making a pretty solid brake when they debuted some of their newer MTB stuff a few years ago, but that Sram and Shimano still were the brakes to beat.

When these DH-R Evos came out it seemed like almost everyone was in agreement that this was a product that was among the best. They also looked great in silver and matched my black and silver build so I decided to give them a try.

...I was very impressed with the modulation and power.

I matched them with a set of TRP 203mm rotors. I’ve bought into the bigger is better rotor sizes hype and have been liking the benefits. Installation was about as easy as could be. The brakes come pre-bled and the hose and levers separate and plugged. Just run the hose, trim to length, and install the olive, barb, and compression nut, give a couple of squeezes and they are good to go.

The bedding in process did take a little longer. I feel like this was due to the thicker 2.3mm rotors that TRP uses. I think they were slower to build up heat which slowed the transfer of pad material. Really it just took a few extra pulls. Once bedded in I was very impressed with the modulation and power.

Also, the lever had a very light feel and short throw. Compared to the Srams, the TRPs had a little bit more initial bite as the pads engaged. I think I prefer this as it gives a more positive feel when the brakes began to engage. I did purchase a bleed kit as well and the bleed process was very straightforward. No mess and nothing really to report. The trail feel has remained consistent with no fade and the same light lever feel.

Final Thoughts

These brakes have plenty of power but deliver them in a very controlled manner. the light lever feel makes for a brake that's easy to control and modulate. I also like the feel of the physical lever. it’s easy to find a comfortable location and the drilled levers are a nice touch. The only thing I could find to complain about is I like a clean handlebar setup and as of yet I don’t think a solution exists to integrate the dropper and shifter into the brake clamp. Nothing big but something to note for those that prefer that style setup. I’m looking forward to putting in a bunch of time on these!


January 25, 2023

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