FOX Transfer Factory Dropper Seat Post [Rider Review]

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When looking for a reliable dropper post, the Fox Transfer is a gold standard in the industry. Our fiend, Matt, has been running a Factory Transfer, see what they think! 

FOX Transfer Factory Dropper Seat Post


I had been waiting to upgrade my seat post on my new e-bike (2023 Specialized Turbo Levo). After reading and researching other brands and options, I settled on the Fox Transfer Post in 175mm. My rig came stock with an X-Fusion Manic that I have used on other trail bikes as well. I haven’t been greatly impressed with the stock option. I have read countless reviews on the reliability of the Fox Transfer Post and decided to give it a shot through Worldwide Cyclery.

The installation process is not terribly difficult to complete for a novice and a pro tech could knock out the install in less than 20 minutes. The Specialized Turbo Levo has internal routing so it works flawlessly with the Fox Seat Post Lever and cabling. The instructions are clear and to the point to get the job done. Once installed, the seat was mounted to the post and I tested it out. Oh my! What a buttery smooth operation that drops and rises with ease. The 175mm post looks great and it can be adjusted per the rider's preference when first setting it in. For those of you with a Specialized Turbo Levo, my stock rig came with a 34.9-diameter seat tube. Fox offers a 31.6 mm transfer post so I also purchased the Problem Solvers 3.3mm shim to accommodate for the new upgrade (by the way, the staff at Worldwide Cyclery confirmed this was the right piece needed to complete the job so that was greatly appreciated advice). And as a side note, I’m also a fan of the Kashima Coat, as it goes along well with the front Fox 38 and the rear Fox Float X2. I think the Fox Transfer Post completed the trifecta in my opinion.

FOX Transfer Factory Dropper Seat Post

Where the Fox Transfer Post excels in my opinion, once I tested it out on the trails a number of times, is the immediate engagement and crispness of dropping the post when descending down the local trails here in Phoenix. BTW, some of the local trails here that are superb are Desert Vista in North Phoenix and Trail 100 which spans several miles within the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. The trails are clean and provide multiple single-track, technical climbs, and downhill bombing to really capture the effectiveness and reliability of the new Fox Dropper Post. So far, there have been no maintenance issues, getting stuck, or failure to engage. The new Fox Transfer Post has been a reliable new addition to the rig and I am completely satisfied with the purchase. What made it even sweeter was I purchased it during the “November Blowout Sale” offered by Worldwide Cyclery. It was a no-brainer for me to make the purchase and I’m happy to support this bike shop.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I love the height adjustment features of the Fox Transfer Post and I’m extremely satisfied with the immediate response and engagement when ascending and descending. Moving forward, I think I will be outfitting all of my rigs with the Fox Transfer Post. It’s reliable and it looks great! Cheers to Worldwide Cyclery for offering the sale and shipping it fast so I could install it and hit the trails to enjoy it.

 FOX Transfer Factory Dropper Seat Post

January 24, 2023

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