Tips To Feel Better On The Bike, Tire Pressure Solutions, Pros & Cons of Swapping Parts... Ep. 121 [Podcast]

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Today on the Podcast, Trevor is kind enough to join us in Liam's absence as we discuss thousands of cranks being recalled by Shimano, bike setup tips to be more comfortable while riding, plus swapping components from bike to bike and much, much more. Tune in!


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If you are one strange human that would like to read a transcript of the podcast above, continue reading below!

Ladies and gentlemen and welcome to episode 121 of the MTB podcast presented and
hosted by worldwide Cyclery I'm Jared I am Jeff I'm Trevor
you're really selling that ladies and gentlemen guys you sound you sound like Howard Stern
you have the best he hasn't all the best voice for this like ever thank you guys this is olive oil voice thank you it's
impressive you know well let's talk about the content of the episode that's right in this episode we will discuss
Shimano recalling hundreds of thousands of cranks checking tire pressure back
pain during riding and pitfalls of swapping Parts back and forth from bike to bike and much much more and as you've
noticed we have Trevor on the podcast filling in for Liam Trevor's gonna uh he's gonna fill in a lot more often now
hopefully maybe just indefinitely maybe and I'm gonna retire who knows
I hope now you're pretty entertaining Jazz oh thanks man I appreciate that well you did a great job last time
everyone was stoked and uh so we're just happy to have another highly knowledgeable bike nerd on the podcast
let's do it highly qualified highly qualified too knowledgeable and qualified I guess those are those should
run in parody there maybe even overqualified probably probably
speaking of being overqualified oh how about fun fact most elephants weigh less than
the tongue of a blue whale I don't believe that or think that's accurate at all
that's just my two cents that is my first my first my first instinct is that just isn't accurate okay but think about
the size and the scale of a blue whale compared to an elephant they're the biggest about the size and the scale of
an elephant it's tiny I've seen whales and I've seen elephants yeah but have you seen a blue whale they're the biggest mammals on the earth
they gotta get Plankton somehow man I think there's gonna be something weird going on here maybe the average elephant
ends up being smaller because the reason we're talking about the weight I guess weight and mass are different but we're
talking about the weight so think about like the tongue is a super dense muscle right like I'll tell you I'll tell you
what we're gonna dig we're gonna dig into this fun fact and we're gonna follow up in the next episode
I believe it if Daniel presents it to me I I expect it to be he probably goes
funny facts and then he just finds when he likes and sends it to you no I think Daniel just has has uh things just stuck
in his brain for those who don't know Daniel is the warehouse manager here at the West Coast store and
um I work kind of side by side him in the warehouse and he's always saying some funny stuff to me and uh whether
it's true or not it's entertaining nonetheless it is always entertaining yeah yeah I think I believe it fully I
mean but like you said we could do some research we're gonna follow up on this one yeah we ride bikes we don't uh we
are not dissecting whales yeah yeah that's that's for sure um speaking of hard to believe can you
believe Shimano is recalling hundreds of thousands of cranks this is a big one huge for the bike industry that's pretty
big so I think to add some context uh everything breaks in some percentage of
everything everyone's seen everything break and have warranty issues and typically I don't know what would you
rough guest beats that's a safe amount of warranties for any one product like less than five percent less than two
percent yeah I mean as a mechanic I see all the all the broken ones so I have a
maybe a different perspective than most people but it's still not that many um it's here and there percentage but
for Shimano to be recalling hundreds of thousands of cranks is kind of a big deal it's huge um considering Shimano
cranks are generally the most reliable cranks I would say they're they have a good reputation they're a great
reputation it did pretty simple yeah and these are roads it's a pretty simple yeah this probably doesn't apply to many
people listening because this is luckily road cranks yeah none of us that are mountain bikers had these snap
underneath us no so but I would much rather break the cranks on a road bike while torquing up a hill than I would
landing on a mountain bike off of a drop right yeah I mean but that's also like
that's just kind of mind-blowing that this many cranks had problems on a road bike like people are 4 519 incidents of
crank sets separating it's a it's a clear to clarify so people so people know it's the affected cranks are durase
and ultegra models manufactured prior to July of 2019.
um so that's a lot yeah that's a lot bicycle retailer has got a good article on it if you want to dig more into the specs and also if you have those cranks
you know on your bikes they kind of talk about the serial numbers to look for to see if your cranks are included in that
recall but yeah that's pretty big deal yeah when I think of cranks breaking I think of like a old SRAM XO crank or
something or a Race Face um Race Face crank brake spindle pedal spindle pedal spindle coming out or
um even if you just hit it on a rock on a bottom out or something weird like that the carbon will kind of chip and
chip away and lose its Integrity a little bit and that's something that I would see that's is common but for uh
aluminum crank to to delaminate like that is uh kind of a big deal yeah especially I mean it's it's all the
percentage if there's such a high percentage of these things then it has to turn into a recall and it's not just
like oh yeah no it's this is the accepted small percentage things that we'll call a warranty and they're kind of one-offs like no no this was a large
percentage enough for them to recall hundreds of thousands of them so that's wild um if you are listening and you have uh
racked your nuts on your top two because of your broken Shimano cranks we'd like to hear from you yeah
I'm pretty sure I actually sold the bike with these cranks on it so hopefully that guy's doing all right I mean most
most road bikes that were sold prior to 2019 probably came with that yeah
there's so many of them out there yeah that's a lot yeah that's nuts but it is one of those things you know like when a
recall at that scale is pretty wild but it is important for everyone to know that you know anything and everything
breaks in some small percentage and that's okay yeah don't freak out don't panic um hope that it's not something really
vital such as handlebars stems cranks pedals because those are the ones you can end up hurting yourself if they
break and this is another uh I guess lesson on why it's good to buy things new from worldwide Cyclery because you
get a warranty with all that stuff um depending on what the warranty is you should be covered in case uh something
dramatic like that happens yeah this companies will most likely stand behind you yeah yeah
exactly yeah buying from a reputable retailer that offers a warranty policy that is well known for replying to
emails and helping customers out is definitely important when these kind of things happen answering the phone you know it's it's a it's a tall order these
days apparently in the customer service world but um I I always honestly think it's kind
of funny like weird worldwide Cyclery is renowned for how good the customer support is and and I hate to say it but
I really don't think we do anything extraordinary we just do a great job and we answer
phones answer emails take care of people we're nice we're rational we're kind we help out
um but that is extraordinary yeah because what we're being held to is essentially Airline level customer
service the ordinary is not ideal Dish Network called Dish Network that's kind of like an experience you get with a lot
of other retailers in the bike world it is which is yeah which is wild I've been meaning to call Spectrum to change my my
internet cable package for months now and I've just been delaying it for like every day because I dread part of their
strategy yeah because you call it and they're like are you sure you want to do that like they try and talk you out of it
we'll just have to call them and say that you got a lower rate and then they'll lower your rate and they say okay well you got to threaten them it's
a mess yeah that's right up your alley Jerry I could see you just love to be threatening someone super struggling guy
yeah yeah that's really good at scaring people oh man that's hilarious I know
all right what do we pulled into next here um just jump right into listener questions I think we might as well yeah
I think we might as well we got some good ones um man this this one we'll read it and then I'll make my comments all right I
was enjoying one of your podcasts when you discussed whether things should match Fox and stram Etc you mentioned
tire brands should match which brings up a really important question for me should I leave my girlfriend
she's the nicest woman I know funny good company and generous but she has a tan
while Max's thf and a black schwaby knobby Nick in the rear oh
poor guy Manny that's grounds for leaving honestly
didn't you recommend mismatching tires on the episode you were on maybe but I
also think that if you have it if you have a tan wall tire and a black tire that's a big No-No it's even worse than
having two different brands that's super good matching black that's tough it's it's uh at least the tires look the same
if they're both black and they have yeah maybe different logos but uh they're tan
wall and black Tire I know no you could at least like you have different brands you could at least get away with like you know some people may be being like
you know they have to look a little closer to realize but 10 wall and a black one I mean well I will say that
when we talked about some mixed matching stuff especially tires I think it triggered some people some people were
offended and a lot of people have brought it up to me we'll wear snobs yeah
you do have to take that into consideration once once you're really far down the path you become a little bit more snobby you can't you start
caring about weird little aesthetic things that really probably don't matter yeah like mixed matching tires like
having a Matchmaker on one side of your cockpit but not the other yeah
is completely fine but it's also not you know no yeah no it's actually not okay
at all yeah style goes a long way sometimes I mean yeah you gotta look good to feel good and then you ride yeah
you ride good 100 that's the truth you know man I'm sorry about your relationship I wish it could have gone
better um just kidding I hope you guys are doing great maybe maybe he should be a good
boyfriend and buy her matching 10 wall tires that's what I was gonna say that would be the best idea get her a gift idea get her a set of
matching tires she probably she's probably an avid listener another podcast saying I'm considering leaving my boyfriend because he won't buy me new
tires for my mountain bike he's noticed I have this issue but hasn't done a thing about it okay so
maybe she's testing you and seeing what you're gonna do about it I also empathize with the fact that tires are
kind of outrageously expensive like they're more expensive than car tires they are um it's wild how expensive
mountain bike tires are so which also doesn't make any sense so if you're in the case where you know you had one tire
and you're switching tires but one wasn't worn out so you put a different brand on you're gonna wear that one out and then swap to the other brand it's
okay don't worry yeah no no one's judging you and it's it's the Dr Seuss
quote those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind I like that I like that everyone should live their
life like that world will be a better place and we might mind but we don't matter in the case of judging your tires
because we don't we don't actually mind is the thing yeah we just would prefer our own bikes to not have mixed match
tires agreed so and you know you can get in a pickle like that pretty quickly like you know if you have one tire that
you really like and it gets worn out and you want to replace it but you know you want to get a different tire and sometimes have one perfectly good Tire
what are you just gonna let it sit or yeah sometimes you have a tire laying around in the garage and I mean might as
well put it on and use it it's going to get worn down anyway and then maybe start with a fresh set of tires when you're done with that tire yeah enough
reasons that's what I do personally um but if I'm building up a new bike there's no way I would mismatch
no expensive spared no in that case no expense beard all right next question whichever you
want to read this one yeah sure I have a SB 165 and love it I am drawn towards
the yeti e-bike the 160e but actually considering a smaller travel Crestline
RS 5075 as it will be better suited for local
Trails if I go with a smaller travel e-bike I would convert my Yeti SB 165 to a
full-fledged downhill bike so also wondering your thoughts and recommendations for this process thanks in advance
that's a pretty good dilemma this guy's got I mean it sounds like a sweet setup having a somewhat shorter travel e-bike
and then a full-fledged sp-165 turned into a downhill bike yeah that sounds awesome I mean I would like both of
those very similar to that I did do something yeah you had an sb165 that's a Yeti by the way 27.5 inch wheeled 165
mil travel bike yep but some people did you mullet yours when you did that or did you have it okay so I at one point I
did have a single Crown um fork with a 29 inch front wheel yeah
and then with like a full eagle drivetrain but then I swapped it all out when I got the Dual Crown Fork I put the
DH drive train on there and then just you had a fully fudge downhill fully fledged downhill bike yeah how many
times did you ride it oh gosh a handful yeah that's the problem it was amazing but yeah maybe if I live a little bit
closer to a bike park yeah I would say if you live close to a bike park having the 165 with the downhill setup like you
have like this because this guy is saying that's awesome amazing because you can carry speed
everywhere yeah um that just seems like a really fun bike to have yeah as far as the e-bike question I think that having
a higher travel e-bike is kind of nice um although um because you're you don't really have
to worry about pedaling up hills or having it be hard to Pedal up hills because it's for sure easy to do that
yeah it's nice to have a lot of travel in the downhill if you're I would say if I would say go towards a smaller travel
e-bike if your local trails um like recommend that like what you
ride most often and intend to ride with that bike are just not that nice it's just nothing if it's nothing crazy then
go with a short travel e-bike even that I think still having a larger travel e-bike is really fun to have even on
small Trails because you're just ripping the whole time and it's just fun to have a lot of suspension underneath you and
it is you know what he could do he could sell the 165. oh get the yeti 160e and then
buy a Yeti Sb 120. OH so we'd have his light travel trail bike and his longer
travel e-bike yeah both yet he's looking fancy in the garage you know but I see the application for the full-fledged
downhill bike for Park days where you might necessarily want yeah that would
be like an awesome bike at the bike and then you could just ride your e-bike for everything else yeah which I think is you know if I catch what this guy's
putting down that's what he's kind of going for um and kind of to your point Trevor like I rode the Crestline RS 7550 Just Around
Here dos viennas local Trails which by no means is a longer travel one I rode
the longer travel one on our local Trails which were are pretty mellow but I had an absolute riot it's like the
best time ever and it was just the way the suspension curve and like how uh
Progressive and like kind of poppy the bike felt I was like I wouldn't even go for anything less yeah um because you
still have way more travel than you needed way more because it was powerful and well tuned and without the without
the negatives of having a full long travel normal bike you would never want to Pedal around a big one 17180 bike
around where you live like little local XC Trails yeah but with the e-bike underneath you it's a blast totally and
I still use all the travel I was like you know jumping off of side hits you can just push harder and you get away with murder a little bit you totally do
and that was so much fun just hooting and hollering that thing is an absolute blast and I was like this is stupid how
fun this bike is the crest lines are so good yeah the other day uh sorry go
ahead what were you saying oh I was just gonna say like in as far as the 165 goes the only thing I did was get a fox 40
and then I got the crown race that is for uh it's an adapter right because it's a tapered head tube but you need
that uh 1.5 inch Crown range is that
right or whatever you need the crown and that's like in five or whatever the only thing I really did differently aside
from putting a downhill drivetrain on it yeah that was a cool bike that was a sick bike there's been some rad SP 165
downhunt bike builds that I've seen yeah yeah Nate Hills had one didn't he did that's kind of a spider boxer yeah that
looked really cool yeah we're gonna say something about um I was just saying it was like just talking about e-bikes and in this
conversation and this guy's thing and what you guys are doing with e-bikes it reminded me so many people that uh that
I know that are in business but aren't in the bike business or oh you guys selling a ton e-bikes these days what's happening with e-bikes because everyone
who's not in the bike industry is kind of interested in what's happening with e-bikes and uh and it's it's funny
because over the years as e-bikes have gotten better and better our audience enthusia like really true Enthusiast
passionate mountain bikers are not just converting to ride e-bikes at all which I think a lot of people make that
assumption yeah um they just have yet another bike in their garage that's an e-bike pretty much right that's like
that's what this guy's gonna do that's what you guys do yeah I mean I I don't honestly know anyone that's just kind of
full-fledged e-bike only that just fully converted like they just have one for this and then I have a regular bike for that and they always have usually three
or more bikes at a time so yeah that's what the true enthusiasts are doing they didn't just convert they just had an extra bike that's in eBay pretty much
that's fun for that use case I'm guilty of that like I really enjoy riding normal bikes and kind of the everything
that goes along without the suffering the fun all of it but I also really enjoy just the pure fun aspect of riding
an e-bike and also like let's say you go you're in the gym a lot and you like to lift weights too sometimes if you go to
the gym you can't really ride a bike the next day because you're too sorry like a true story can't really push at all but
if you have any bike you can ride the same amount or not if not more yeah and
push on the downhills have fun get your legs blood flowing it's just a really good process if you take that into
consideration yeah it's true yeah I love riding that just lightweight four-stall
e-bike because I can do twice the amount of miles in the same amount of time and if I'm working all day and I have one
hour of daylight I can really cover some distance on an e-bike and it's super fun and what the with the lighter weight
forest all in and even the the shorter travel one it's a lot more fun too because it's so light you can really
ride it like a normal bike but have that little bit of assist and really just go fast everywhere yeah it's just totally
yeah those things rip well through that read this text questions is this a real question did
you make that up uh uh yes if you wear cowboy clothes are you
really just ranch dressing yes yes yes yes you are you're a ranch
dressing and you're dressing for a ranch howdy
that's insane you're right Cowboy really just ran stretching that sounds that sounds like the words from a
country song
I like that that's so funny on to the next question oh nice that was good hey guys just
listening to your latest podcast and you discussed the importance of checking your tire pressure before every ride my
latest bike came with the tire whiz and it is amazing I'm able to check my tire pressure accurately without even getting
out the tire gauge it is awesome this one wasn't so much of a question as just a statement saying how awesome the tire
was is yeah well a lot of people probably don't know that that product exists that's true it's a cork product and uh yeah it's basically a little
battery and sensor that sits on your valve stem and tells you what your tire pressure is via an app on your phone
right and it has a little flashing light on it and it flashes oh yeah so if it's within the like selected yeah or uh it's
red if it's not yeah that is that is pretty cool just shows to me the importance of tire
pressure it's super important so many people Overlook it and the fact that there's a product for that specifically
is is super important even like let's say you go you're you're out on your bike and you're gonna go climb a hill
way at a high elevation your tire pressure is going to change pretty dramatically let's say you start in the
morning it's cold you get to the top of a mountain it's higher elevation and it's hotter your tire pressure is gonna
gonna um go up like at least five PSI if it's if it's yeah even maybe even more
if it's a dramatic case if it's really hot yeah um and that'll completely change your ride experience your tire is not going
to work the way it is your suspension is not going to work the way it's intended to so if you have your tire pressure within that range of like 28 to 24 23
PSI um it's gonna make your whole experience way better and something valid points
something very simple that not I don't think a lot of people check but I think it's one of the most important things to do for your pre-ride checklist totally
well yeah funny enough um they're they're a little pricey those Tire whiz things are they but well I
mean compared compared to just using your pump to check your pressure all right gauge yeah that's what I mean or a
gauge yeah they're definitely more expensive than a gauge or your existing pump if your existing pump has an accurate gauge on it but I I thought
what was funny was we put uh the cork shockwiz which is a totally different product than the core Tire wiz video
Yeah and and that's the cork shockwise has been uh one of the top selling products you know fluctuates here and
there for years three years four years yeah that's that's an awesome little product to help you learn how to tune
your suspension and dial everything in and I think it's super educational for people and we talked about that in a
trending products video because it was trending the other month and somebody commented and said yeah I got one of those tireless things on my bike and
it's pretty useless yeah and I replied I said well we weren't talking about the tire was we were
talking about the shockwise but I got you man I mean maybe he just doesn't similarly he never downloaded the app
completely different purpose I just thought it was so funny because the tire was came with his bike and he's like seems pretty useless I mean if my bike
came with it I'm not gonna complain everyone's got their opinion like those zip three or zero Moto Wheels they come
with them yeah they come with them on there yep like that's pretty fancy it's pretty nice little thing to have that is
a nice thing to have yeah and I and I have a feeling that's the type of product that's complicated enough that
if it just came on the bike you got you may have not taken I'm not making any assumptions here but you may have not
taken the time to learn what the lights mean what color they are when they're blinking and download the app it's
possible luckily if those come stock on very nice expensive zip wheels so yeah
uh hopefully the customer who's buying that would be educated enough to to know
like what they're getting and do you know it's a pretty Advanced Wheel yeah so hopefully they know about that it's
true it's a cool product if you're you know want to pay attention to your tire pressure the tire was nice I'm pretty
particular about tire pressure and if I'm doing a long ride and yeah especially here in California it gets pretty hot in the middle of the day
compared to the morning yeah and sometimes yeah you feel your tires and they're rock hard but I don't carry a tire gauge with me I just hit the tire
pressure before I ride and in the middle of the day I just take a couple PSI out just based off a field yeah I can't be
super accurate with that as much as I ride it's still not accurate and be nice to really dial in with that yeah
hopefully the tire was 2.0 uh does it itself whoa you're like always keep it
at this pressure inflated and deflated accordingly sounds like some F1 technology it does they have made those
little air compressor pumps in a really compact form like the ones you can I have this little thing called the gigapump that I backed on Kickstarter
100 years ago and it's tiny and it'll blow up an entire air mattress and it's
literally Smalls really yeah and it has a little flashlight on one end too and it's pretty cool so those pumps are
getting really small last time I pumped up an air mattress I spent probably 10 minutes yeah dude this thing does it and
it doubles as a flashlight that hangs inside of your tent and it's you know it's tiny that's cool that's cool not
even a quarter pound yeah future it's sweet um you know they also have like I'm pretty sure there's a wheel uh you know
some startup also that like oh it was that CR suppressor like integrated into the Hub or something and then you could
pump it up and yeah deflate it like based on your desired preferences yeah yeah actually I saw there was there was
uh in the in the Tour of France this year the jumbo bismuth team was running something like that with their wheels
something attached to their Fork that was adjusting their tire pressure that's crazy mid ride and they won all three
grand Tours this year so wow something's working out dang wow is it the
automatically interesting entire pressure I feel like adjusting a tire pressure on a road bike that's that yeah it's not
like mountain biking it's a little different it might not be as big of a deal but what do I know I'm not a Tour
de France luckily there's probably not any hardcore Roadies listening to this right ready to fight you right now of
course it matters all right this actually is a is a good question by the way it is
what was your first you read it you're so excited what was your first ever screen name this is a good one you're
excited what was yours oh man mine is mine's random doesn't really mean anything it's like something I had on
Xbox but I back in high school when I played Xbox Live and it was just Obed it was just o b e h and that's my pink bike
names nothing special that was available there was no number on there no it wasn't like kind of a weird way to say
it like obey me yeah I don't know it doesn't really mean anything but what
about you guys mine mine was a moto triple x three four zero oh nice
my sister helped me make it back in the day when it you know I am what is it
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah well instant messenger Fox racer two two one four guys yeah you guys are pretty similar
it's pretty sick huh I don't even remember what my aim name was but I remember using that in middle school though and yeah it's a good way to talk
to girls oh yeah yeah both grew up riding Motocross so I think everyone who rode Motocross that was a you know 10
year old kid always like their screen name for sure was yeah your name is
a little Moto XXX for a while they had a Supercross team and they had all those good videos and that was a it was a
thing it's pretty sick yeah it was like a whole legitimate thing like point x yeah like point x yeah yeah the old the
old uh extreme sports camp uh that was a cool camp that was a cool Camp yeah didn't make it went out of business no
probably expensive liability insurance having a bunch of under 18 year old kids doing extreme sports on your property
yeah it's still around Woodward is around yeah that's true that place is pretty cool yeah gosh that was so cool we
should try and get them to sponsor a podcast episode seeing as most of our sponsors who point x
speaking of ads let's rip one oh legit sponsor and now a word from our sponsors
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love to have new cool people join our team thank you and back to the show and now back to the show I'm really like in
Toy Story they had like I think it was Toy Story oh yeah yeah yeah oh such a good movie yeah yeah Toy Story
was great such a good movie well back to the listener questions probably started at that Toy Story yeah
watch Toy Story um that's a good movie we will continue with listener questions in the meantime
I just got my set my second mountain bike ever and I've noticed my lower back hurts pedaling uphill on my new bike
versus no back pain at first what do you recommend upgrading in terms of handlebar height lifted handlebars seat
Etc to try and help with lower back pain thanks guys all right well uh are you looking at me
because I have back pain uh I have back pain yeah Trevor Has back pain too come on well I ride I ride often and
experience back pain and I don't know exactly why I think it could be my own
body not really my bike setup I think it's just I overuse my muscles sometimes yeah but for this
um listener I would say before you especially on a mountain bike before you
try to upgrade your handlebar height um handlebars stem all that stuff try
playing around with your seat position could be too high could be that your your pelvis is kind of move rocking on
your saddle and it's kind of making your low back work extra hard um
it's interesting that your low back hurts on one bike and not the other so I
would maybe recommend measuring out your saddle height on each bike and replicating that first then going for a
couple rides and seeing how that does um yoga doesn't help or doesn't hurt yeah stretching doesn't hurt I was gonna
say like my lower back pain typically uh sources from a lack of hip flexor
stretching and and it's just all accumulates in my hips and then pulls on
my back and and it and it just sucks yeah and then I have to go stretch for like 20 30 minutes to just I think a lot
of people that ride bikes are also by day desk jockeys yeah probably um that's included yeah use a computer a
lot during the day and sit down and then get on a bike but this when I saw this question it reminded me over the years
I've seen a lot of people that if they don't have back pain on one bike and they hop on another bike and they have
back pain it's usually because the whole run in is just lower and or longer like
if you ride mountain bikes all the time and you hop on a road bike and go ride 20 miles your back's gonna be roached you're just not used to being in that
elongated and leaned over position so a lot of people to accommodate for that just you know put more spacers under
their stem or get higher rise bars um so that could be the situation like
when you go from one bike to the next I think that's a pretty important thing to pay attention to that YouTube video we made high-rise mountain bike bars and
why they're getting so popular in that video uh we really broke down and actually showed a lot of side by side
video and imagery of what it looks like on the body to be basically on the same
bike with flat handlebars 20mm handlebars 35 mil rise handlebars and it
does it alleviates a lot of pressure the more upright you get just like imagine a beach cruiser versus a road bike those
are the two pole runs of the spectrum and so if if this guy is having back pain on one bike and not the last one it
could just be as simple as one bike as you know was more high up and his new bike is more lower and longer and
stretched out but I agree that the most cost effective way to go about that initially is see if you can just move
some spacers around to rise it up and mess around with your saddle so that's because you can lean your saddle forward
or scoot the saddle forward yeah um that's the most cost effective way to do it and moving some spacers beyond
that yeah you might want to try some high-rise handlebars or shorter stem or both
um but yeah speaking of this stuff saddle like um make sure that your saddle is either level or maybe even a negative rise for
when you're climbing if it's a positive rise you're gonna your body's gonna be fighting your your whole body to not be
falling off the back of the saddle and you're just gonna just put extra strain on your core and your lower back so just
make sure all the the measuring specs are the same on each bike and then go
from there I would say yeah I'm also guessing just because you mentioned it's a second mountain bike ever he's
probably not measuring all of this stuff on the first bike versus the second bike but that that does become something as
you ride more and more bikes it is pretty useful to measure you know the height of the handlebar to the ground the height of the saddle to the ground
the height like just start measuring your bikes and then you kind of get to know what bike is going to do what when
you get on it and how you're going to feel so that's just one of those things you you you end up learning and become
it becomes more intuitive the more bikes you ride and the longer you ride but a lot of people deal with back pain even
that are experienced Riders and it is a tough and challenging thing um yeah it's tough I would say for
people that do ride a lot if it's not your second mountain bike if it's uh if you've been riding for a while I would
say just kind of focus on strengthening your posterior chain so your your back and your glutes and your hamstrings try
and just get those strong and uh and mobile your hips mobile and that's kind of your best bet to being to feeling
good on the bike yeah and uh you have regular stretching is like you can't do enough of it I mean
yeah that's true I think a lot of it also just boils back down to Sea time too just getting your body to adapt to
it I mean the same way if you always rode mountain bikes then you start riding Road and you're ever just like your neck is messed and your back is
mastered it's always the neck that goes away after a while you just have to basically force your body into that
whole situation this past weekend I did a 50 mile like 6 000 foot road bike ride it was the first road bike ride I've
done in a couple weeks and I'm coming from riding mountain bikes regularly and
um yeah my my whole upper back was tight and my lower back was hurting and my legs were shot and it's something that
you have to just do consistently and the more consistent you do it the more your body adapts and the more comfortable you'll be but yeah don't expect to be
comfortable on the first ride yeah push through the suffering yeah is just such not a good position for the
human body regardless it's really not good for your body you can try and adapt to it and you know build muscle and stretch here and there but like just
look at the position of a road Cycles like that's not the way the human body was meant it's not natural so bad yeah
it's so bad that's the worst like oh my gosh the neck it's the first thing to go for me every time because you're just
like hunched over yeah yeah that's not natural something I would recommend also is just um that a buddy who's a very
good cyclist taught me is just relax try to just relax on the bike kind of like
you're in a bad position anyway so you kind of feel like you're 10 step or whatever and just try to relax your
relax your core relax your arms just try to relax try to breathe and that's going to really help your comfort on the bike
long term nice and just hope your endurance too that's a big difference in cycling and mountain biking and running
too if you can just like kind of relax and use only the muscles you need to use and not be tense everywhere else
yeah for sure definitely nice next question I'm curious about the pitfalls of
swapping components back and forth between bikes specifically I have a giant trans x29 that appears to be able
to move components to a new bike of the future transition Smuggler with the exception of seatpost Can I with
relative ease move components back and forth between bikes without much hassle mechanically proficient enough to get
myself into trouble that isn't much of a concern basically the hope is that each bike
will have a specific rear shock chain crank set derailleur shifter and dropper post but the rest will transfer over as
needed handlebars Fork stem brakes Wheels tires rotors cassette
help this is quite the predicament yeah it's tough I actually was in a similar
predicament when I got that sp-100 and I wanted to switch stuff back and forth all the time and I eventually just bought all the
stuff to have to stop doing that it's called capitulation just buy two bikes
ten plus one yeah so for me um I I could see like swapping Road or you
know your Two Wheel sets back and forth right like that's a pretty big expense like I would on I would buy the cheap
stuff personally like you know stem and you know handlebar and stuff but like
um I don't know because having to just like line up the you know line up the
handlebars every time make sure it's straight and like those little things like put the brakes on bleed them every time
that's tough I would say the mid the best thing to change between bikes if you have one thing to change is be the
wheel set yeah because if you have the same components you can just swap wheels from one bike to the other same rotors
and cassette and everything but more than that just takes a lot of time and effort and work
um like he's saying the brakes to change the brakes and keep the internally routed housing the same that's just a
pain you got to bleed the brakes every time yeah he was asking if if uh if you
need to bleed it every time the answer is yes you do need to bleed it every time there's going to get air in the system every time you disconnect the hose yeah
um pretty much you need to do the whole system too right if you're just as if you're taking the caliper
careful you could maybe just do a lever bleed yeah you can do a lever bleed and get away with it really careful but if
you're pulling the hose all the way out of the frame that's tough then the hose has to stay like this it's yeah it's
really tough keep the hose in there but swap what do they say here
um keep the entirely routed hose to each bike the move each lever and caliper he's lever and caliper so if you have if
you have if you just take the lever off You're Gonna Keep the system somewhat Under Pressure if you take both the
lever and the caliper off the hose is just flowing fluid through it and you're gonna lose all that fluid that's just
you're gonna have to do a full flush full bleed and you're probably gonna still have air in there yeah so I would say no go on the brakes for drivetrain I
would say if you have it if you have an axis Wireless drivetrain that would be your best bet see it's really easy to
swap stuff same with the axis dropper Post Yeah if you have that you can swap stuff easy just so you don't have to
deal with internally erotic cables or even externally routed cables it's still kind of a pain yeah if you're dropping
all the money on wireless access drivetrains what about just getting two two mechanical GX Drive trains or even
less yeah for sure I think that he is going to basically have to like a drive train on each bike that's what it sounds
like yeah that's tough I would say in in short um two two different Wheel sets or the
same wheel set for one bike we'll we'll get you the farthest other than that it's going to be a lot of work and
effort for not a great end result so stuff yeah it depends on how much fun he
has working on bikes or initially does yeah the first couple
times I swapped all this stuff I really had a good time and then you know time to go ride this morning and then my wife divorced me because I was in the garage
for 14 hours every Thursday because like I've done I've done bike swaps to change
over a specific bike to a like a very specific setup that I want to for like a race let's say yeah and it takes hours
yeah like it takes I would say to get it right to swap stuff over like six hours or so or even takes a lot of time to do
it takes a lot especially the brakes um it and trying to ride the cables it takes a long time and a lot of effort
that's with proper tools that are always there and a bike stand and like a whole whole and I'm like I already do it for
my job so it's I'm already very efficient and proficient at doing it so
um yeah that's tough I would I would say maybe just two cheaper bikes maybe is a better option yeah just like or slowly
build up the components that you're missing on the one bike right like maybe you ride The Smuggler and you realize
this is so much more fun than the trance I don't even want to ride the trains anymore and then yep that solves your
problem right there naturally yeah but yeah maybe it's time to move on from the transax and just get a do it all bike
yeah fully commit do it all bike change it change around tire setup and that's all you have to change around yeah and
you can have a bike that will climb and also descend there you go that's the solution this guy should get the bike
that does it all and have two different Wheel sets instead of two different bikes and swapping everything mid travel trail bike yeah that's that's ticket
exactly those are fun lightweight wheel set for the XC stuff Burly stuff Burly
wheel set for the Enduro stuff yep there you go and then if you really wanted to you could spend a thousand bucks on a
hard like an older hardtail yeah and then just have that for your fun bike that's true let your friends write that
and that would be as much as your extra wheel set probably or as much as your time
with money don't forget that time is money don't forget and then you can upgrade that hardtail
soon enough you'll have 19 bikes and that's how it starts it's not exactly
how it starts speaking of hardtails how's your hardtail going these days I love it yeah yeah so why Cycles El Jefe
which is now in the rebels now Revel yeah the rebel bikes LFA yeah yeah yeah I just got it all dialed in a little
maintenance on it installed the new draft posts um secret oh so you can travel you got a
secret dropper post yeah that's pretty cool it's pretty cool yeah yeah I kind of want a hard tail lately I've been
telling you for I don't even know how long ever since I got that bike and you wrote it and then we moved that ride and then you crashed right on the tree oh
yeah when you're trying to do that crazy fakie on that yeah that was not a normal mountain bike crash no it was like a
tree like this and I was riding up the tree to go backwards and then like the trials move like a fakie like a BMX yeah
it was an old BMX stuff just ride up the tree roll down backwards and then pivot
fake you roll out yeah and and the tree was like you know went up and then eventually it curved more vertically and
I was going I did it a couple times and I went too far up the tree and I front wheel hit the vertical more vertical
part of the tree and it just basically gave me a backflip yeah dude
knocked the window oh yeah just flat on my back and yeah I couldn't breathe and
then uh you know ever since then I've been telling you
you should get an El Jefe it literally yes you ride your hard tell all the time you
come in the shop right from the house let's go do a little local loop it's a perfect bike for this area yeah it's so
fun titanium it'll be perfect forever you can you can you know uh lean it up
against something on the beach and have it fall over and it won't crack that's true that is exactly what happened with my my quote unquote gravel bike that had
flat bars that was basically rigid mountain bike yeah then you could go do that stuff that frame broke or cracked
from that rock on the top tube and I wrote it for almost two years you did you don't recommend anyone here
legal disclaimer do not ever do that you could probably scratch your bike and it would look better it would you can
Scotch Brite it and it'll take all the scratches off yeah that would be fun I've just been eye on a cool hardtail it
just seems like a fun bike to have and just seem fun if you have it set up like you have it with kind of big fat tires yeah
you have two little sections on there 2.6 Recons 2.6 Recons yeah yeah although I've been wanting to kind of make it a
little bit more XC put some like two fours and like a you know xc24 XC yeah
two four yeah no it's just like a faster get what XC means yeah no I want to put like a forecaster and Recon like your
tire set up on your range oh yeah yeah and then there's new forecasters I'm in love with that tire I was telling you that the other day I still haven't tried
it now too yep I've got I've got an update I put um dual forecasters on my SB 140 wrote
it this weekend and I was very impressed I've never really been someone to run the same exact tire on both front and
rear although the front was a 3C compound and the rear was a dual compound not a huge difference but it's
still something a little more grip in the front yeah um but I was very impressed with that because the setup I had before was a little bit more Slow
Rolling um and now it's much more fast rolling more efficient and there's grit seems to
be there's grip everywhere yeah but not like not it's hard to explain not like the most grip ever which is not really
what I'm looking for right but it's consistent grip everywhere which is it's fast um it's fast and just feels fast and
predictable it made my bike a lot more fun to ride to be honest with you like I feel like I was being slowed down a
little bit I had like an acid guy in the front like a Mac crew pass a guy and an aggressor and yeah with the Dual
forecaster it's kind of more what I was looking for for just normal single track riding speed baby speed yeah love some
speed versatility speed speed see that's what I want guitar I like the two sixes
but like I feel like they don't really roll very quickly but that's not really but you need that kind of two six with
low pressure kind of kush a little bit I do like that I just kind of knew that with the hardtail hardtails like yeah
hard trails are tough with rear tires yeah it's like a whole different world I want I want like the the nice like
Supple low pressure high volume but I also want it to be fast so what do I do really asking for a lot
there both I want The Best of Both Worlds yeah you should probably try the forecast around that I want the yeah forecasters Recon rear no they do a 26
dissector though which I thought could be good good front tire good two six dissector maybe Recon keep the Recon the
rear yeah yeah two six or two four Recon in the rear I don't know I don't know
it's the Beauties you can play around with it that's true you can experiment yeah you want the do you want the uh
forecaster off the front of my Ranger are you gonna get a new one yeah yeah sure I'll take it oh I'm in for a fresh
try perfect Jeff's always I think I have 100 miles on that perfect it's all mine
got about 10 risers on that thing perfect gotta go let's go this guy uses a tire for three rides and just we'll be
like I'll take it there was a you know what's funny is his so this is how I rent went down that
rabbit hole is when I was racing a ton and um as a junior I was sponsored by Maxis
and I they were just piling me all these tires I was like this is amazing I always had fresh tires which you totally need racing so I really got used to just
always having fresh tires and just loved it and then um then you know worked at a shop and I
was like oh no problem I'm just gonna keep buying tires after I stopped racing and then I started worldwide and then you know pretty much didn't have any
discretionary income for several several years and so then just kind of rode bad tires and then finally I was like oh now
I can just get fresh tires more often now so that's what I do
uh motivation to build worldwide to where it is today was just so you could have fresh tires
yeah pretty much pretty much right pretty much it's a good time man fresh tires nothing like fresh water nothing
like your car on your bike or whatever the motorcycle it's just the best thing ever seriously it really is dude it
really is all right last question last question rip it should weight be a
concern at all when it comes to a park bike I feel like too light and you might bite you might bounce around a little
bit more but be able to move faster too heavy and you'll be a bit slower with changing direction and such but a little
more planted um you know I don't think it really matters I bet
Trevor's thought about this a lot yeah because I took my 140 to the bike park
and I yeah I had the like I said in the last podcast I had the bird wheels and I really did not want to run the bird
wheels at the bike park those are great Wheels but they're not really meant for that I'm just too light it's too light
yeah they're like some of the lightest wheels in the market really um I want something that's going to be
really stiff really predictable and kind of not really prone to breaking
um so that means not really having Carbon wheels yeah um but for the overall bike I think
having a heavier bike gives you a little bit of an advantage of the bike park because you're purely focused on gravity
orientation so having a heavier bike with the best brakes you can possibly get biggest rotors best brake pads all
that stuff really good tires good tracks good tires really plays the biggest difference
and that'll in turn give you a heavier bike because it's just that's what you
need the components you need for that I see a lot of people running like kind of EXO casing Maxis tires at the bike park
which is really what you do not want to be running you want to be running at least a double down or downhill casing and you'd be surprised about how much
more confidence it'll give you um as far as something being too heavy I think that's not too much of an issue if
you're maybe if you're strong you can kind of move the bike around a little bit and having it heavy bike like I've
ridden e-bikes at a bike park and it's a blast yeah um your bike kind of stays put on the ground you're not getting deflected off of stuff you're really
just focused on where am I going to be breaking right and if you have good brakes it's not an issue so I would say
two light is an issue too heavy not as much of an issue I mean downhill bikes back in the day used to weigh a metric
ton yeah totally so e-bikes nowadays are weighing as much as old school downhill
bikes yeah I don't think that's as much of an issue I think it could be actually an advantage to have a heavier bike at
the bike park yeah agreed yep yeah I went down the rabbit hole of being a
white weenie on downhill race bikes and I certainly found the limit and once the
bike is is so light a lot of it had to do with with wheels and tires though so you could get away with having obscenely
light stuff kind of all over throughout the bike but if the wheels and the tires were too light it really just felt as if
you you just slowed down too easily you just got bogged down you couldn't hold your momentum the way you should yeah
and that's where you just throw on a little bit more beefy Wheel and Tire setup and just instantly the bike feels
more confidence inspiring just pushes through carries momentum well um yeah plows yeah you want to plow yeah
that's a good feeling at a bike park for sure um and you know the the win-win there is
that not only does it kind of feel better and work better at a bike park but it's also just more reliable yeah you know heavier wheels and tires and
you have to worry about blowing up wheels or tires so that's that's kind of nice it's the last thing you want in the middle of Park days so yeah you mess
with a flat tire a busted wheel and your buddies are yeah like let's go do more laps yeah like remember like like uh
maybe I don't know seven or ten years ago those Santa Cruz v10s came out and like I remember I was
racing at Fontana at the time and yeah the whole team had Santa Cruz v10s car new carbon full front rear triangles
With Envy wheels and stuff and I think the bike might have been too light yeah and compared to everybody else's bikes
they were good bikes yeah for sure great bikes I'm sure they've still won a lot of races but yeah I think it like they
could have been too light and maybe deflecting off rocks too much you kind of want to plow through stuff not get deflected off of things yeah yep I
remember I knew a guy who had one of those v10s like 26 inch you know Carbon everything and it was like sub DH bike
yeah and you could just like wow yeah okay how does that work yeah but then
you're right it's like you want the weight in the right places you know heavy duty really tires like you don't
want to be flattened or busting Wheels like yeah yeah there's certainly a limit to it for reliability and just the way
the bike feels and you know you even look at the top level World Cup racers
in downhill right now if they wanted to over the last 10 years they could have demanded those bikes get lighter and
lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter but they kind of didn't they kind of demanded they would never work yeah they kind of demanded more traction
better braking better suspension kinematics like the things that the best races in the world were demanding was not a lighter downhill bike it was a
better performing downhill bike that really was kind of the same weight you need a bike that'll last you through the
whole run yeah that's really abusive you need the wheels to hold up you need the frame to
hold up and the whole weekend the whole weekend yeah now they're strapping lead weights to the bottom of downhill bikes
I don't know if everyone's doing that well a lot of racers some people are horses they're literally zip tying yeah
like there's a lot of people doing 400 500 gram weight to the bottom of their bike it is funny Once you ride an e-bike
that has the weight down by the bottom bracket because that's where the motor is and sometimes the battery too it's like wow that actually does change the
way the bike rides it's confidence inspiring and the bike is stuck to the ground and you just turn steer the ship
yeah and it feels like it's unreal it the e-bikes are so planted and it's
that's part of I think what makes them so fun for me like especially in you know challenging terrain is like you can
just point and shoot and you like and you're gonna come out that's why I still think if the gearbox ever gets pulled
off in a good way yeah like that the the weight distribution of a gearbox bike is way more logical it makes it like
unsprung away yeah so Phil on the Italy trip he he's riding
a xerod um as any key we should and and xerod is is a you know a gearbox bike and they're
they're pretty impressive I think there's still some Kinks and quirks that they need to work out in terms of just perfection to have it compete against
how good the existing modern day non-gearbox drivetrain is but if it gets
there I think that's going to be that's gonna be money it's compelling yeah for sure and regardless of you know breaking
trailers or any of that stuff because that doesn't it's not that's not really a problem to solve but to me the there's
not many problems with modern day drivetrains like they're relatively Problem free and they're reliable the
issue really is like the next the next level up in terms of performance is just the weight distribution like get that
giant cassette and derailleur and now the battery on the derailleur and move all of that stuff to the bottom bracket
and that's gonna just yeah that bike's gonna ride way better yeah so makes sense I'm sure Sam's working on it yeah
they're not unaware they're very well aware of Industry Trends and what's going on and what makes bikes ride good
yeah I mean realistically yeah like the bicycle is the only thing that has like the gearbox or like the transmission
whatever you want to call it on the back like at the rear wheel right like everything is like centralized exposed to the elements too yeah I mean I guess
cars like rear wheel drive cars have like you know whatever you got your transfer case and like
regardless I mean yeah and it's just a lot of people because before it was you
never really knew what you were missing because they're what you didn't have unless you wrote a gearbox bike which are foreign for you to find but now that
e-bikes came about and a lot of people for knee bikes they go oh whoa this is pretty awesome with all this weight right here yeah so and even imagine any
bike that had a gearbox too even yeah that would make a lot of sense doubly affecting totally a lot of sense yeah
yeah downhill bike with gearbox would be amazing but wasn't he saying something about how you cannot pedal under load
you can't shift and pedal at the same time you can't shift and pill at the same time correct okay with the and you
have to have a grip shift yeah because it has two cables that run out of it because it needs a push-pull cable situation yeah that's what I'm saying
like it's not like it's it's not perfectly competitive by any means yet but it's really close yeah
um yeah for some people that might be a good thing but I feel like a lot of these products are developed under a race setting and that would never no be
competitive setting you know that delayed shifting thing you got to be able to shift yeah exactly when you want
to and that's tough especially with stream transmission where you can just be pedaling as hard as you possibly want
and shifting at the same time then you have somebody with the gearbox oh wait hold on just one second yeah it's just not competitive at the moment but but
there's times where that's an advantage right so if you're bombing a hill and then all of a sudden you see a steep
shoot you can just go and shift all those gears and then you're in the right gear instantly yeah when you hit that
uphill so that's a cool feature for sure but yeah Tech's just getting used to but yeah as it is now it's not really
perfectly competitive yeah um but it's making progress so one of these days man gearbox bikes yeah I wonder what happens
like in the future shifting with the gearbox and you're and you don't do it there at time like do you just grenade
the thing like you would have to ask Liam I think it just doesn't shift or it just like really like gives you a grind
yeah it just doesn't I've I haven't ridden one but I've worked on a couple and yeah it just doesn't really want to
shift okay like it kind of gets stuck in your hand um it's like once you once you let off
pedaling then it kind of will will let you shift but if you're just pedaling and wanting to turn it it's not going to
want to turn okay kind of have to let off interesting well if you all that are listening and watching want to hear more
about gearbox bikes uh let us know because Liam did ride one and it's got more experience on that thing so we
should talk more about them because it is pretty cool and interesting anyways that's it that's all boys let's go eat
some dinner let's do it thank you all for listening and we're watching and we will see you in the next episode cheerio

October 03, 2023

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