The Forbidden Supernought - High-Pivot Witchcraft Gets The Full Downhill Treatment

Forbidden Bikes has finally released the long-awaited prototype downhill bike is a significant moment, The Forbidden Supernought. This bike, first seen under the skilled control of Connor Fearon on the World Cup stage, has undergone meticulous refinement in every detail and specification. Crafted to deliver performance akin to a fighter jet on a downhill worldcup course. There's no superfluous element in this design; it's engineered with a singular focus: to accelerate your descent down the mountain.

Forbidden Supernought Downhill Frame

When you mount a bike that has a seasoned high pivot design and 205mm of rear wheel travel, the experience is transformative. Even across the most challenging root networks and rugged rock gardens, you maintain composure and comfort. A newfound confidence in riders, pushing them to commit to corner speeds and line choices previously unthinkable. It's a bike that allows you to surpass your limits and emerge thrilled. The Supernought represents a no-compromise approach to downhill biking.

Forbidden Supernought Downhill Frame

Gone are the days of speculation and prototype mysteries. Now, we have clear facts, specifications, and data. Supernought comes in two color options, VOL. 4 and White Noise, and offers a range of sizes (S1-4). Notably, it's currently available only in the MX wheel configuration.

One Ride

What sets this bike apart is its industry-unique scaled sizing. The proportional growth in both front center and rear center measurements ensures that every size delivers the intended trail riding experience.

Forbidden Supernought Downhill Frame

V2 Trifecta Suspension Kinematics

The V2 Trifecta Suspension Kinematics of Supernought is a testament to precision engineering. Developed in response to the Factory Team's demand for increased sensitivity and grip, the bike features an optimized DH leverage curve and braking characteristics. This translates to a ride that encourages you to delay braking, maintaining composure even in the most demanding situations.

Forbidden Supernought Downhill Frame

Frame Kit Highlights

The frame kit of the Supernought includes custom plastics, designed for durability and efficiency. These components prevent damage, reduce noise, and keep the bike clean, enhancing both performance and longevity. The 18T Steel Idler and the next-gen Race guide ensure a robust and reliable chain mechanism.


In terms of standards, Supernought adheres only to those that make sense in terms of design and durability. This includes the 83mm BB and 148mm boost spacing, a 49mm headtube for adjustable headsets, and practical features like external brake routing and a 200mm direct rear brake mount.

Forbidden Supernought Downhill Frame Geometry

Forbidden Supernought Downhill Frame Specs

Available globally through Forbidden Bikes or contact Worldwide Cyclery for special order. The Supernought Frame Kits mark a new era in downhill biking, combining innovative design with practicality and performance.

December 07, 2023

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