OneUp Components V2 Dropper Post [Rider Review]

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Dropper seat posts have been one of the best inventions in the bike industry ever. However, trying to find the right drop that will fit you and your bike can get a bit challenging. That's why OneUp's dropper post is able to change travel lengths. See what one of our customers think!


I have a Santa Cruz Megatower V1 size medium and am 5’7” tall. The bike came with a 150mm Rockshox Reverb (hydraulically actuated) dropper post. Due to the design of the frame, I could not fully insert the post into the seat tube without pinching the hydraulic hose and preventing the post from working. For a couple years I rode with the seat just slightly higher than I liked and with it not dropping quite as much as I liked either.

I had read about the OneUp dropper and took measurements to see if it would fit. The math worked out with me convinced it could fit my bike (especially with the fact that it could be reduced from 180mm down to 160mm to reduce the insertion depth for my height and this frame. I bought the 180mm travel version and was very surprised to see I just barely fit with the full 180mm of travel. It was at the point where any lower would pinch the cable. I do think this could be improved by rotating where the cable connects to the dropper to align with where the cable enters from my frame tubing and may try this mod in the future. But for now, I used the very simple height adjustment pins to reduce the dropping height to 170mm which gave me more margin.

OneUp Components V2 Dropper Post [Rider Review]

I’m very happy now that I have a comfortable seat height and an extra 20mm of dropper distance. I will note that with such large drop distance, I did have to move my seat very far forward so that it wouldn’t hit my large 2.5in Assegai rear tire when my suspension is fully compressed. But this is an older frame design with a slacker seat tube angle than many newer generation frames and actually I like the seat pushed forward this much.

The post and the OneUp Dropper remote work flawlessly so far and there has been no creaking of my saddle or the seatpost in the frame. The remote is very comfortable and easy to press, and the point where it releases the dropper post is always the same. My wife has owned a 150mm OneUp Dropper on her Intense Sniper for about 2 years now and is very happy with it. She has a similar story to me, when she bought the bike, it had a 125mm dropper post that could not be inserted enough for her and was a bit too tall. The shop changed it out to the 150mm OneUp and it allowed for the correct height and 150mm of drop on a small bike for someone who is 5’4”.

Final Thoughts

If you want the get the most drop for your height and frame, OneUp is best in class. My wife has had zero issues with her post, and the service procedure is simple and easy to do at home. I have just recently done it for her, after almost 2 years of usage. The 2-year-old dropper post still works just like it was brand new, with no observable increase in play or sag when sitting on it. The finish on the post stanchion is also still in perfect shape, no signs of wear and her seat has held tight and never required tightening or cleaning. No creaks or any other undesirable sounds either.

OneUp Components V2 Dropper Post [Rider Review]

December 08, 2023

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